What You Should Know About Marijuana For Alzheimer’s Diseas

What You Should Know About Marijuana For Alzheimer’s Disease

Recent studies show that medical marijuana use is getting popular in the United States. There’s scientific evidence that chemical compounds in cannabis can help in managing pain, inflammation, sleep problems, and mood swings. Marijuana use is proven effective in managing symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. 

In more than half of the US states, medical marijuana is legal. With an MMJ card signed by a licensed doctor, you can easily access state-licensed dispensaries. Now, with telemedicine, you can get MMJ recs online. Simply, Google 420 evaluations near me, and talk to a board-certified doctor from home.

What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s is a brain disorder, which is common among seniors. It’s a common type of dementia—a term used for conditions associated with brain injuries & diseases, which can impair memory, thinking, and behavior.

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, in the United States, over 5 million individuals of all ages have Alzheimer’s. It’s estimated that 13.8 million people aged 65 and older will have Alzheimer’s dementia by 2050.

Major symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease are-

  • Memory loss & confusion
  • Trouble coping with new situations
  • Anxiety
  • Misplacing things
  • Poor decision-making skills
  • Trouble completing daily tasks on time
  • Getting lost
  • Mood swings

However, some patients may experience seizures, skin infections, and weight loss.

Traditional Treatments For Alzheimer’s Disease

For improving memory and cognitive function in Alzheimer’s patients, doctors usually prescribe two types of drugs—cholinesterase inhibitors and memantine. Cholinesterase inhibitors improve cellular communication. They are also effective in managing depression and other neuropsychiatric symptoms. Aricept, Razadyne, and Exelon are some of the common cholinesterase inhibitors.

However, memantine is effective for moderate to severe Alzheimer’s disease. Many doctors also prescribe it in combination with cholinesterase inhibitors.

Additionally, creating a supportive environment can help in managing this condition. Some key steps to boost memory are-

  • Keeping keys, wallets, mobile phones, medications, etc. to a secure place.
  • Using calendars to keep track of the daily activities
  • Keeping photographs in different parts of the house
  • Removing clutter at home regularly

How Marijuana For Alzheimer’s Patients Work?

Marijuana contains chemical compounds called cannabinoids. The cannabinoids (such as THC and CBD) when delivered into the body, stimulate the endocannabinoid system, thus delivering medicinal effects, such as boosted mood, sleep, memory, etc.

Many studies show that THC can help in slowing the growth of beta-amyloid—the protein associated with damaging plaques in the brain. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is a psychoactive compound that works by binding to CB1 and CB2 receptors.

A study published in Molecular Pharmaceutics showed that THC slowed down amyloid β-peptide (Aβ) overgrowth.

Additionally, marijuana is effective in managing inflammation. In Alzheimer’s disease, inflammation around the plaque build-up in the brain is a major contributing factor. Cannabis compounds can help reduce inflammation and slow cognitive degeneration.

In a 2016 study published in Neuroscience, researchers analyzed the role of the endocannabinoid system in Alzheimer’s disease. They found that activation of CB1 receptors delivered anti-inflammatory effects.

Research says that Alzheimer’s disease originates in the hippocampus region, thus causing memory loss and trouble creating new memories. However, this can result in psychological conditions such as anxiety and depression. Marijuana use is effective in managing these conditions effectively. CBD works by targeting the serotonin system in the body as SSRIs. Medical studies have found that CBD products work better than anti-anxiety medications.

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How to Use Cannabis For Alzheimer’s Disease?

It’s right that cannabis can help in managing Alzheimer’s symptoms, but the herb doesn’t provide the same effects to every consumer. There are various factors that influence marijuana effects. For example, different strains contain different levels of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. So, when buying cannabis products, you need to check the label carefully.

Here are some of the best cannabis strains for managing Alzheimer’s disease-

  • LSD
  • White Russian
  • Green Crack
  • The Ox
  • Acapulco Gold
  • Bio Jesus
  • Blissed Wizard
  • Electric Kool Aid
  • Dutch Dragon

How you consume cannabis is another contributing factor. Since smoking isn’t safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic, you can opt for alternatives such as-


Marijuana-infused gummies, beverages, chocolates, snacks, and pizzas allow you to receive medicinal benefits without inhaling the smoke.

It’s important to note that edibles take longer to deliver their effects. So, after you take the first dose, wait for a few minutes. Take your time to analyze how your body is responding to edibles and increase the dosage slowly.

You can also make edibles at home. There’s a wide range of marijuana edible recipes available online. Cannabutter is a popular, easy-to-make one. To make it, you require butter and ground cannabis in equal amounts. 


Concentrates and oils are concentrated forms of marijuana. In other words, you can consume products with higher levels of cannabinoids such as THC and CBD.

There are many ways to consume edibles, such as vaping, dabbing, etc. Vaping involves heating concentrates using a vaporizer, inhaling the vapors to receive therapeutic effects.


These are cannabis-infused creams, lotions, and balms. You can apply topicals directly on the skin. Apart from cannabinoids, some manufacturers also add cayenne, clove, etc.

Topicals stimulate the body’s endocannabinoid system, thus changing various bodily functions, such as mood, memory, pain, etc. Most topicals penetrate the skin.

Additionally, marijuana dose is important. If you are a beginner, we recommend you to start with a low dose. Microdosing can help you evaluate the effects of cannabinoids on your body & mind. This way, you can adjust the dosage to get the desired effects.

How to Get MMJ Recs Online?

To access medical marijuana in a legalized state, you require MMJ recs. For this, you need to talk to a licensed doctor who will evaluate your condition by asking a few questions. Your doctor may ask you to show your medical history for verification purposes. Once approved, you will get your medical marijuana card. In most states, an MMJ card is valid for 12 months. And, after that, you need to renew it for another year.

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Using telemedicine technology, it’s very simple to apply for 420 evaluations online. Here’s the complete process-

  • Sign up an account
  • Talk to a licensed doctor through HIPAA-compliant software
  • Receive your MMJ recs in PDF via email

Key Takeaways

Alzheimer’s disease is associated with memory and cognitive function impairment. It can interfere with a patient’s daily life in different ways. Common symptoms include unable to make decisions, anxiety, misplacing things, memory loss, and mood swings.

For managing Alzheimer’s disease, medical doctors prescribe cholinesterase inhibitors and memantine. These medications work by improving cellular communication and managing other symptoms. Research says that marijuana’s active compounds can help in treating Alzheimer’s disease. THC slows the growth of beta-amyloids—these are proteins linked to damaging plaques in the brain. The herb’s non-psychoactive compound CBD is an amazing anti-inflammatory agent and can help in reducing inflammation and slowing cognitive degeneration.

When using cannabis as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, you should check the dosage, delivery method, and strains. These are the major factors affecting marijuana’s effects on your body. Talk to a licensed doctor to get sound advice for using cannabis for medical purposes.

Apply for 420 evaluations online to get legal access to medical marijuana today.

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