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Curious to know how much time does it take to get a digital MMJ recommendation San Francisco

It takes no more than 20 minutes to get a digital MMJ recommendation in San Francisco. You can apply on our website today and get evaluated for a recommendation. Once approved, the recommendation will be sent to you digitally (via email) on the same day.

Want to know what is a cannabis doctor in San Francisco.

A medical cannabis doctor in San Francisco is a licensed health physician authorized to recommend medical marijuana in the state. In addition to having a field of specialization, cannabis doctors are willing and qualified to recommend medical marijuana to patients who need it.

Confused about the Validity of a Medical Marijuana Card San Francisco

A medical marijuana card San Francisco is valid for a period of 12 months. After its expiration, you must renew your registration to continue enrollment in the Medical Marijuana Program of your state to enjoy it’s benefits.

Curious to know Who can write an MMJ Recommendation

Only a certified Cannabis Doctor can write you an MMJ recommendation or card in San Francisco. The doctor will evaluate your medical condition and determine if you qualify for a recommendation or not. Upon approval, you can get your recommendation and use it to buy and use medical cannabis.

Here are the Steps to Contact a 420 Doctor in San Francisco

You can contact a 420 doctor in San Francisco in the following ways:

  • Visit our website and apply for an evaluation.
  • Call us on (628) 257-2567
  • Mail us at

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