Why Should You Opt For an MMJ Card Renewal

Why Should You Opt For an MMJ Card Renewal?

You were lucky enough to obtain your medical marijuana card last year. And if you are thinking of extending your legal cover, then going for the mmj card renewal will turn into your favor. That’s how card renewals benefit you in the first place. But, before we move ahead to discuss different aspects of medical marijuana card renewals. Here is what you need to know. 

Why Should You Go For MMJ Card Renewal?

It would be amazing to get a card and do nothing for the rest of your life. A single moment of hard work and you are free to access medical marijuana products for the rest of your life. But, that’s just a fantasy of thousands of medical cardholders. They have the freedom of 365 days and then they have to get back to their doctors and ask them if they are qualified for another year as well. 

The mmj card holds the validity for a year. So, you need to applying for it again to extend your benefits of having an mmj card. This is because of the fact, there are chances marijuana use could be misused by patients just like opioids. This will ensure that marijuana use is in sync with the patient’s medical needs and other specifications. 

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How Many Times Should You Renew The Medical Marijuana Card?

As we already mentioned in the article above, an mmj card is valid for 12 months from the issuing date. So, one if required to renew their cards at least 30 days before their expiry date. This way you don’t have to stay even a single day without your recommended medication. 

What is The Process of Renewing Your Marijuana Card?

The process is pretty much the same that we use to get it the first time. The process of mmj card renewal is in fact, a lot simpler. You will again need an evaluation by a board-certified medical marijuana doctor. Once, they approve that your medical marijuana needs another year of marijuana therapy or intervention, you will receive your card with a validity of another 365 days. 

If you go to the same doctor, you will not be required to upload your medical documents and this will save your time and energy to do the entire process again. Here is what you will need to upload in case you are going for another doctor this year. 

  • Government ID that proves you are a resident of that state.
  • Medical records
  • Original medical card (if you are going for a renewal process)

How Does The Followup Process Work?

Unlike your initial 420 evaluation, your mmj doctor San Francisco will review your health status. He/ she will ask you different questions in context with your current health status. The doctor will try to understand if medical marijuana therapy is working for you. Furthermore, the doctor will also confirm if marijuana is affecting in any negative way. Never assume that if you are qualified for an mmj card once, you will get it another time as well. 

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What Are The Benefits of MMJ Card Renewal?

 Benefits of MMJ Card Renewal

This is pretty obvious that you will be able to buy medical marijuana without any hassles. However, it is very important to remember that medical marijuana is still an illegal drug on a federal level. Also, the medical card will allow you to buy cannabis at a fairly lower price. Other than that, you can grow and possess more than the recommended limits for recreational cannabis. 

Key Takeaways 

MMJ card renewal is one of the best ways to extend your legal cover for possessing, growing, and buying medical marijuana for the purpose of alleviating your medical conditions and their related symptoms. So, make sure to apply for one before time to avoid any legal implications.

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