Knowing the Difference Between Marijuana Flower and Concentrate!

Knowing the Difference Between Marijuana Flower and Concentrate!

Congratulations, the growth of the cannabis industry is on the fun swing. Thirty-three states and the capital have decriminalized at least one version of it, either recreational or medical, in some cases both, like California. With the rise of the weed industry, we came across something new; cannabis concentrates. Yes, they are those substances that will only have one kind of significant compounds, THC or CBD. At times concentrators may also have both compounds, but the ratio would be drastically in favor of one. It is excellent for those people who do not want higher amounts of THC in their medicine. In the case of marijuana bud or flower, even if the person wants to use it for medical purposes only, s/he would have consumed every compound, including THC, which undoubtedly will have psychoactive effects.

Marijuana Flower and Concentrate

Marijuana Flower and Concentrate

Concentrates are Liquid Gold

Some people call marijuana concentrates liquid gold, thanks to its appearance. That is another reason that concentrates are easily identified. They can look like honey, wax, and at times toffee, too, depending on its dominating substance, CBD, or THC. In the meantime, cannabis flowers look, well, they look exactly how a cured or dried bud would look like. People who like to smoke weed would go for the flower or bud, but the ones seeking medical benefits from it will go for concentrates. At times people coat seal their joints with the help of cannabis concentrates too, for better psychoactive experiences with each puff.

Concentrates Surely are Stronger

It is a simple math equation when a substance is made purely of one compound. It will stronger than the one with other distractions. In other words, flowers are less active than concentrates. If you would compare a THC high strain’s bud and THC high concentrate from the same strain, the concentrate will get you higher for longer and stronger. For patients, this will work as they will need lesser products for the treatment of their disease or condition. FYI concentrates made from a standard bud of marijuana that can have more than 25% of more THC than the flower itself.

Ways of Consumption are Different

You must be aware of some of the common forms of cannabis consumption when flower or bud is in action. There is smoking it, vaping it, and rolling it; in some cases, weed edibles are also an option. But there are some different options when it comes to concentrates. Dabbing is one of the trendiest ways of using cannabis concentrates. Dabbing is a process of heating the concentrates substance on a very hot nail and inhaling it via a piece of glass. The thing is catching up in the OG community of stoners, and from the new stats, it is clear that soon doobies will vanish, and most people will start doing this dabbing thing, as this is a smoother way of getting THC into your bloodstream.

Ending Note

So, these are some of the significant differences between concentrators and cannabis flowers. Although, as the times are changing and very rapidly, too, we could see a lot of more quick changes in the dynamics of marijuana consumption. Nonetheless, lovers of older ways or traditional methods will still stick to them; the new generation will accept more modern techniques as well. Did you know concentrators of CBD and THC are available on substantial discounts on an MMJ card? For instance, if you have 420 med evaluations in San Francisco, you can practically save 15% flat, not a bad offer, in my views.

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