7 Amazing Activities to do When You are High

7 Amazing Activities to do When You are High

It doesn’t matter if you are consuming cannabis for recreational propose or to enjoy its medicinal benefits, getting high is an amazing way to uplift your spirits. Smoking cannabis is a great way to relieve your stress and to look at your life from a different angle. It gives you a new perspective so that you can see things differently. And it adds a creative lens to your vision that helps you perceive even the mundane tasks exciting.

However, before you consider applying for an mmj card, or in case you already have one then a medical marijuana card renewal, you should understand that it’s not always an uplifting activity. Smoking cannabis can sometimes also leave you lying on your sofa for hours, doing nothing. And this probably is the worst thing you can do while high. 

But what to do if you don’t have anything exciting to do?

Well, there are many amazing activities that you can try your hands on when you are high the next time. And don’t worry, you don’t need to go out for any of these.

Dance Your Heart Out

Next time you find yourself couch-locked after a cannabis session, try cranking up some dance music and pulling out the hidden dancer in you. There are many cannabis strains that can fill you up with excessive energy. And trust me, you don’t wanna waste that energy by lying on a couch or bed. 

The most amazing thing about cannabis is that it makes you free-spirited. And thus, you won’t feel any shame you usually do while hitting a dance floor. Cannabis makes you confident and relaxed. This means you can take out all your moves and groves, even if you have company. And as everyone is there to enjoy, no one’s gonna judge you.

Furthermore, dancing is a great calorie buster. Even a 30 minutes dance session can burn 200 to 400 calories. And this gives you an opportunity to munch up all you want without feeling food guilty.

Write a Journal

Cannabis is not only about enjoying. You can use it as a tool for self-improvement too. How? Try writing a journal while high.

Smoking cannabis is known to enhance your perception toward life, in and out. But usually, you forget those things when you are sober again. But if you write down those streams of thoughts in a journal, you can read them afterward. And it can be really interesting to read your high thoughts when you are not high anymore, as it may give you some different insights about yourself.

Journaling may also help you build your resilience. You may write down the things that are bothering you and then try to work out a solution for them.

Do Some Yoga

An amazing property of cannabis is that it brings your mind, heart, and body in sync. And this amazing sensation makes yoga a great activity you may do while high. In fact, according to some ancient texts and documents, even the yogis of the past used hashish, a form of cannabis, for its medicinal and spiritual benefits.

If you are thinking of using marijuana to relieve stress, cannabis yoga is an amazing place to start. There are many free yoga videos available on the internet. Also, yoga can reduce some of the negative effects of cannabis, such as anxiety, increased heart rate, etc., which can occur once in a while when you are high.

Get Artistic

You probably have heard that cannabis can enhance our creative thinking capabilities. And this makes it a perfect match with anything artsy. In fact, several famous artists use cannabis to get their creative juices flowing. In an interview in 2012, Lady Gaga said that she uses marijuana while writing her songs because it helps her think creatively. Famous actor and writer Seth Rogan also claimed of using cannabis while writing, as it helps him enjoy his work. There are many other known and unknown artists who use it to take their inner artist out.

So, the next time you find yourself high with nothing to do, pick up something artsy and let your mind go wild. There are many creative things you may do when you’re stoned, such as writing, drawing, painting, singing, etc. And who knows, cannabis may find you a new passion for life.

Sweat Out and Exercise

There are times when you feel a little too heady after smoking cannabis. And in times like this, a good work out can take you mind back to the ground. In fact, a lot of professional players and athletes claim that consuming cannabis helps them improve their performance. Cannabis helps them boost their focus. Plus, its anti-inflammatory effects make the post-workout soreness go away quickly.

However, if you are suffering from a heart disease or some other health condition that may hamper your workout, you should talk to a doctor first. Discuss your symptoms with them and ask them if you can consume cannabis with exercising or not.

Cook your Favorite Meal

Do you remember when was the last time you stepped into your kitchen and actually enjoyed cooking something? I think not. And it’s totally understandable. For most people, cooking is limited to just preparing something to fill themselves up. 

However, the next time you get high, try cooking to actually enjoy the experience. Step into your kitchen, put on an apron, turn your recipe book to your favorite recipe, and start cooking. You may crank up some music too if you want. 

Cannabis is an amazing enhancer of mindful eating, which means you’ll be really paying attention to the food while preparing it. Also, studies have shown that mindful eating can help people manage their food anxiety and eating disorders. Just remember you turn your stove off when you’re done!

Clean Your House

Cleaning probably is one of the most mundane tasks you can do. And trust me, cannabis can really enhance it. A lot of people claim that being high makes cleaning a lot more enjoyable for them. In fact, some people say that they just can’t stop cleaning when they are stoned, because cannabis really makes it fun.

So, the next time you take some hits off your joint, list out the things in your house you want to be cleaned. And as you know, cannabis can fill you up with a lot of energy, you’ll be able to cross every item on your list in no time.

Whether you are using cannabis as a medicine or just for recreational purposes, these tasks can make getting an mmj card or a medical marijuana card renewal much more worthful. However, if you are trying cannabis for the first time, we recommend you talk to a qualified doctor first.

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