The Guide to Cannabis Parenting During The Pandemic

The Guide to Cannabis Parenting During The Pandemic

During these challenging times of the pandemic, it’s hard to find motivation. Now, if you have a kid, 24×7 parenting can be a major challenge. We have been battling the virus for a while and the future seems bleak. Thankfully, cannabis offers some hope. Having a cannabis recommendation makes things a lot easier. There is also an option of MMJ card renewal which can ensure a longer duration of supply. 

We are living in a world which is full of worries, stress, and anxiety. Naturally, this affects your mentality and you tend to lose hope. At this time, it’s all getting too much. Parenting is not an easy job and this pandemic makes things more challenging. People are losing their jobs and the financial crunch is evident. Plus, kids need attention and care too. COVID-19 shouldn’t be a barrier in their growth. So, considering these pointers, you need to proceed with patience. Thankfully, cannabis can help you with it. 

Cannabis Parenting is The Way

Cannabis parenting is all about finding the right balance. You wouldn’t want to feel intoxicated while interacting with your child. So, you just need to ensure that you ingest a quantity that suits your body. If you are new to the idea, you might need some hit and trial to figure out a dose that works for your body. You’ll have to find a strain that suits you and this will allow you to dive into a soothing experience. If you are battling a health condition, you need to be even more careful. That’s because you’ll have to find a balance that is ideal for your condition. 

How to do it The Right Way?

When you have kids, you need to follow a different strategy for using cannabis. Here’ how you do it:

1) Figure Out The Best Method to Ingest

The fact that we are battling the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to reanalyze our strategies. Naturally, the way we consume cannabis needs to change too. Usually, the most popular method to consume cannabis is smoking but during this time, it’s not a safe practice. COVID-19 is a pulmonary disease and it directly affects the lungs. Since smoking inflames your lungs, this makes things highly risky. Plus, you wouldn’t want your kids to take in the passive smoke. So, eliminate smoking for now and explore other options like edibles, tinctures, oils, and sprays. Select a method that suits you. 

2) Try to Keep it Discreet

Education is important but you wouldn’t want to educate your kids about the herb so early. So, you should dedicate a separate part of your home to cannabis. Try choosing a space that kids don’t usually use. This helps you maintain a certain level of discreetness that is necessary. 

3) Keep it Out of Your Children’s Reach

Since we are talking about avoiding smoking, chances are that you will use edibles. They come in many forms like candies, cookies, beverages, chocolates, etc. So, if you leave them in random places, your children might eat them by mistake. That would be hard to handle. So, with edibles, you need to be extra careful. Mark your boxes and keep them at a place that is away from your children’s reach. 

How Can Cannabis Help You?

There are various ways in which cannabis can make parenting easier for you. 

1) It Battles Stress

Stress is relatively common for parents. During this time of the pandemic, it is even more challenging. With so many responsibilities, it’s hard to keep calm. Well, cannabis works great in relieving stress. The sense of high makes you feel relaxed and erases any form of mental friction. You can make a choice between using THC and CBD. THC is psychoactive while CBD is not. So, no matter what method you choose, you will feel relieved. In absence of stress, you will be able to handle everything better including your kids. 

2) It Subsides Pain

Cannabis is one of the most brilliant pain-relievers around. In fact, it is much better than prescription medicines. They work but come with harmful side-effects like addiction or dependence. So, cannabis serves as a natural option that is safe and effective. Both THC and CBD are loaded with the anti-inflammatory properties that work great in subsiding pain. It also works in changing the way your brain responds to pain. In absence of pain, you can concentrate on other important tasks. 

3) Keeps You Productive

We have been following a constant life for the past few months. So, this can plague your brain and leave you out of thoughts. As a result, you might be feeling lazy and fatigued. This can have a negative impact on your health. So, you need something to boost you up. Thankfully, cannabis is an ideal option. Sativa-dominant strains produce energizing and euphoric effects on the body. They also come with a tinge of creativity that loads you with fresh thoughts. So, if you have been feeling lazy lately, cannabis can help you sketch new conversations with your kids. You will feel more motivated and energized. 

4) Keeps You Healthy

In this pandemic, immunity is the best weapon you could have. So, you cannot risk falling sick. Cannabis is loaded with properties that make it ideal for managing a lot of health conditions. It also features anti-bacterial properties and antioxidants that keep you away from unwanted infections and removes the toxins from your body. When you are healthy, you’ll naturally induce the same to your kids. 

These surely throw more light on ways in which cannabis can help you. Well, if you are looking for easy access, getting a medical marijuana card is a great choice. It gives you legal access to the herb. If your card is about to expire, you should get a renewal at the earliest. 

Get MMJ Card Renewal

With the help of telemedicine, everything is a lot easier. Well, you can either access the same dispensary that you used to access the MMJ card or find a new one. Well, if you choose the second route, you’ll have to do some research and analyze the ratings. Along with that, go through the certifications to get a better idea about the clinic. Once you find the clinic, you can proceed with the steps to get your renewal. 

1) Apply Online 

Contact the clinic at least 30 days in advance to your card’s expiry. Fill your details like health history, documentation, etc. The clinic analyzes your details and links you to a certified cannabis doctor. 

2) Talk to The Doctor 

The doctor interacts with you via video call and tries to understand your progress in the past year. The main aim is to see if you have benefitted from using cannabis and you need it for another year. 

3) Get Your Card

If the doctor approves your request, your card is renewed. A digital copy is sent to you via email and a hard copy upon request. 

So, get your renewal on time and use cannabis to manage your health effectively. Along with that, the herb will make parenting a lot easier for you in this pandemic. So, dive closer to a soothing family environment and promote good health using cannabis.

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