Does the endocannabinoid system makes us healthier?

What is the Endocannabinoid System and Does It Make Us Healthier?

The stigma that surrounds cannabis restricts us from looking at its positive aspects. Not only do we forget that cannabis comes from a plant but we also tend to ignore the future possibilities. Besides, over the years, medical marijuana has treated several conditions related to the brain. As a canna user, you might have treated several conditions with the help of a medical marijuana doctor. But do you know the science behind it? Today, through this write-up we will see what a medical marijuana expert has to say about it. We will also read about the role of ECS and see how it can help make us healthier. 

What is the Endocannabinoid System?  

What is the endocannabinoid system?

The endocannabinoid system controls an array of functions in the human body. It controls several functions and keeps the immune system at its peak. The human body makes its own cannabinoids and phytocannabinoids from the cannabis plant interact with two primary receptors – CB1 and CB2. 

Now, the cannabis plants have two main cannabinoids famously known as the CBD and THC. Furthermore, both these compounds work in tandem with the receptors in the ECS. Mostly THC reacts with the receptors but CBD has the power to alter the effects of THC. So, the ECS helps keep the body fit and keeps a check over the internal functions of your body. 

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Does Feeding the ECS with Cannabis Helps?

Your body is different from others. Similarly, the reactions of medical marijuana vary from individual to individual. The receptors in the system tend to combine with the dominated phytocannabinoids of the cannabis plant. In turn, it causes a high and helps an individual relax. But that euphoria is caused by the strains high in THC content. On the other hand, CBD strains have the opposite effect. Especially strains like Charlotte’s Web, are famous for treating conditions like epilepsy. This strain is 100% CBD and hardly produces any side effects.

In addition to this, the ECS also forms a chain of reactions. After you consume cannabis it will break down into divisions. Subsequently, those divisions will cause another reaction and reverse the effects of a specific condition. For example, if you are suffering from insomnia, THC-infused products can help cause relaxation. Whereas in the case of CBD products the reaction will be opposite. It will not cause a high but help alleviate the symptoms of your condition. 

But you have to make sure that you take the dose as suggested by the doctor. If the dose is higher than the recommended dose it can prove fatal. Subsequently, feeding the ECS with a proper dose of medical marijuana can make a whole lot of difference. So, if you are taking the right dose and the right type of strain to fight the diseases attacking your body, it is possible to develop a healthy immune system. But make sure you have a medical marijuana card in San Francisco or a card from the area you live in.  

Different Ways to Consume Cannabis? 

Now, that you know all about the ECS and how can it keep us healthier. It’s time to know what are the best ways to feed your ECS with cannabis. But before that, make sure you have a medical marijuana card in your possession. Most medical marijuana doctors will recommend the use of tinctures and cannabis oil for conditions like inflammation and chronic pain. But if you are highly sensitive to the use of cannabis, it is recommended that you try a different alternative. 

 Different ways to consume cannabis?

The most famous way to consume medical marijuana is in the form of CBD oil. Pure CBD oil can help you fight several diseases. Additionally, another method has been introduced in the market of the cannabis industry, known as the sublingual strips. These strips are tiny and can be placed directly under the tongue to produce immediate effects.  

Moreover, people still go with traditional methods of consuming cannabis. From medicine to balms and tinctures – the world of cannabis is open to several products. You can choose one according to the requirement. So, how do you consume your cannabis, let us know in the comment section below. 

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