Medical Cannabis Card San Francisco

What Are The Healthy Ways to Consume Cannabis With A Medical Cannabis Card San Francisco?

Medical cannabis is a product of desire by a lot of patients dealing with any form of the debilitating condition including cancer, Glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, depression and more. A reason why hundreds of patients are looking for a medical cannabis card in San Francisco.

Especially, after the legalization of medical marijuana in California with the passing of Proposition 215. Now anybody can buy and consume cannabis. However, to extend your limits, patients need to have an online marijuana card in San Francisco.

Post-legalization, we have seen the opening of many medical marijuana dispensaries.

Today, there are more than 1000 dispensaries in California alone. These legal cannabis shops have a variety of cannabis products especially for those who don’t prefer smoking it.

The fact is, not everybody likes to smoke cannabis, and people with compromised lung health don’t even have the option of smoking.

Or perhaps the denounced image of smoking is the only reason holding you off from trying medical marijuana?

Whatever the reason may be, if you are looking for more healthier ways to consume cannabis, there are several options for you.

Different Ways To Consume Cannabis With A Medical Cannabis Card San Francisco

1. Vaping


You don’t need to light a joint to reap the benefits of cannabis. You can enjoy it without consuming its harmful chemicals with vaping.

The useful chemical compounds present in medical marijuana vaporize at a lower temperature.

There are many vaporizers to choose from including the ones that come with advanced temperature settings.

These devices might be pretty pricey, but they are worth it in the long run as they use less quantity of the flower to give the required or desired effects.

So, if you are looking for instant medical effects, then going for vaporizers will be beneficial if you have a valid medical cannabis card in San Francisco.

2. Ingestible oils

Ingestible oils

Ingestible oils are cannabis concentrates which can be consumed orally. These ingestible oils are available in plastic applicators or capsules, either of which can be taken directly or integrated into a drink or food.

These oils are low in THC and high in CBD which means you wouldn’t experience any psychoactive effects after consuming it. It can be an optimal choice for elderly and minors.

3. Edibles


The most common and safe alternative to smoking cannabis is cannabis-infused food or products.

Patients with a genuine medical cannabis card in San Francisco often look for cannabis-infused edible products as medication available in dispensaries.

You can infuse cannabis in almost anything that has oil or butter in it. You can make your own cannabis-infused butter at home.

Retail cannabis shops and dispensaries also have a large number of options when it comes to cannabis edibles, from roasted garlic crackers to lemonade.

However, when you are planning to make your own medical marijuana-infused edible products, it is important to start small and be patient.

Edible cannabis products take much longer to digest and often have intense psychoactive effects. You can also grow your cannabis strains using a medical marijuana grower license San Francisco.

4. Tinctures

Tinctures are basically concentrated medical marijuana in liquid form and are applied under the tongue.

Unlike cannabis-infused food and ingestible oils, tinctures immediately enter the bloodstream. Hence, providing quick effects with better dosage control.

These are available in a variety of cannabinoid profiles, potencies, and flavors, catering to consumer specific preferences.

So, if you have a medical cannabis card in San Francisco, these are some of the healthier ways to consume cannabis and still enjoy its benefits.

Other ways of consuming medical marijuana include dabbing and topicals which are safer than smoking. So, you can try and choose the one that best suits you.

How To Consume Cannabis With A Medical Cannabis Card San Francisco?
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How To Consume Cannabis With A Medical Cannabis Card San Francisco?
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