Reasons Why Marijuana Can Have Different Effects On Different People

Reasons Why Marijuana Can Have Different Effects On Different People

By now it is well established that marijuana can work wonders for several illnesses. But, not every ailment has a similar cure. Then how is it possible that marijuana can help some with anxiety while others may feel paranoid? Why is it that some can feel the effects with a small dose while others may have to take a lot for any effect at all? 

Let me answer these questions for you. 

There’s not one but several factors that may be responsible for the unpredictable nature of marijuana. While some can be manipulated by choice, others may not be under your control. Likewise, each of these determinants can have a varying degree of effect. Some may considerably alter your level of high, while others’ effects may go unnoticed. 

What are these factors? I have a list for you.

But, before you go on reading further it is best to begin your medical marijuana journey by getting a consultation for a medical marijuana license in San Fransisco. The professionals will also help you to make choices on some of the factors that are mentioned here. 



Not every type of marijuana is the same. They have different types. Each with different ratios of THC and CBD. The most common varieties are Indica and Sativa. While the former is generally known for its sedative qualities the latter has an uplifting effect on its users. Apart from these two types, there are a number of hybrids that have come up in the market. These hybrids lie in between the two extremes of Indica and Sativa. So, whether you are looking for CBD rich strain for seizures or one that can help with PTSD. You have a variety to choose from with each offering a different set of effects. 

Delivery Method and Dose

After choosing a strain that suits you best, the effect of marijuana can also depend on the way you consume it. Whether you smoke a joint or pop a pill. Each of these methods will vary with their onset time and duration. While inhalation is quick, ingesting can take longer to show effect. On the other hand, the effects of inhalation wear off faster than when you ingest marijuana. 

Besides these two methods of consumption, nowadays patients use transdermal patches that directly enter the Cannabinoids into your bloodstream. Also, the higher your dose is the faster and longer will be the effect. 


Once you start a repetitive use of marijuana, your body naturally starts building a tolerance to the cannabinoids in marijuana. So, if you have been using marijuana for a longer time, you are bound to have a higher tolerance. As a result, your regular dosage may not be effective for you anymore.

And so if a person who has had a history with marijuana use will have a low effect in comparison to a beginner.


If you are a woman, you may experience marijuana differently than men do. This is because of the fluctuating levels of estrogen. Women feel the highest impact of marijuana when their estrogen levels are at the peak.  With men, the difference is in their libido and appetite. While women may see a rise in libido with marijuana. Men undergo a decrease in testosterone and hence a low sexual drive. Also, unlike women, men experience an increase in appetite.


Accessing marijuana is no longer difficult. With telemedicine, you can easily find licensed consultants for your 420 evaluations or an MMJ card renewal online. So whether you are a medical marijuana user or are considering to start using it. Just get your license online. 

Once you have your MMJ card, keep these pointers in mind to achieve the best possible effect.

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