CBD Myths that you probably think are True

CBD Myths that you probably think are True

Are you a Cannabis enthusiast? If yes, you probably know about its health benefits. The therapeutic benefits of the plant are making people apply for the mmj recommendations in San Francisco, San Diego, Long Beach, and where not. Everyone is now looking for the mmj recommendations to enjoy the health benefits of the plant without any legal problems. 

And do you know what makes this plant so magical?

It’s CBD (Cannabidiol). This is the chemical responsible for so many therapeutic properties of the plant.

One interesting thing about this compound is that it can be used to cure so many health conditions like seizures, chronic pain, etc. without making you feel high. And that’s why it has become the next big thing in the health industry. Many startups and online retailers are now getting into the CBD business.

CBD has a lot of medicinal advantages. However, a lot of misconceptions are also associated with the compound. Maybe you also believe some of these myths.

Wanna know the true and false of CBD? Keep on reading.

CBD is for Medical. THC is for Recreation

Apart from CBD, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is also a well-known compound of the marijuana plant.

CBD, no doubt, has many medicinal properties. But many people look only for CBD for medicinal purposes. They consider THC as a recreational product only. Yes, THC causes the high we get from marijuana. But the compound also has some great therapeutic properties. 

Health professionals have reported that the THC compound may be useful in curing Alzheimer’s related dementia.  Also, Marinol (a single molecule THC) is also recognized as an anti-nausea chemical and appetite booster by the federal government. However, the whole plant is still illegal at the federal level.

CBD Works Better without THC

CBD works better without THC

A lot of people think that CBD should be consumed individually, as it works best that way. But the reality is something else. Studies show that CBD and THC work as a power couple. They both work strategically to enhance the therapeutic benefits of each other.

Scientists have shown that CBD enhances the anti-inflammatory properties of THC. Also, when tested together, they had better anti-tumoral effects on brain cancer than either of them alone.

CBD-Only Pharmaceuticals is Better than The Whole Plant

The federal government recognizes specific cannabis compounds like CBD and THC medically beneficial but doesn’t consider the plant itself valuable. But the studies differ.

Cannabis plants contain more than 100 compounds including CBD and THC. All have their own healing properties. Studies show that when these work together creating an entourage effect, the therapeutic effects of the plant are much greater than the single compound only.

But unlike CBD-only products having less than 0.3 percent THC, to enjoy the medicinal benefits of the whole plant, we recommend you apply for mmj evaluations today and get your mmj card within minutes.

The Source of the CBD doesn’t Matter

Many people think that CBD is CBD. It doesn’t matter where it comes from. Well, that’s not true at all. There are many different sources of CBD. Some are better than others. 

Industrial hemp is not considered a good source of good quality CBD. The CBD content in these is far less than the CBD-rich Cannabis plant. A large amount of hemp is required to extract a small amount of CBD.

CBD compounds synthesized inside lab conditions or extracted from industrial hemp might also lack some of the required medicinal properties. This means the health benefits will also be less than the CBD-rich cannabis plant.

The above-explained myths are just the very-common ones. There are a lot out there. If you have heard of something about CBD which you think might be wrong, write it in the comment section. We’ll check and find out if it’s a fact or just a myth.

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