Can CBD Heal Scars? Current Research Suggests The Possibilities

Can CBD Heal Scars? Current Research Suggests The Possibilities

Everyone is familiar with the idea of injuries. The cut, burn any skin condition, or when the skin breaks due to any inflammatory response. It’s like the reason could be anything, but the result is probably the same— Scars. So, before we delve into the query, “Can CBD heal scars? Let’s see how they are formed in the first place. A medical marijuana doctor shares every possibility of scars and their treatment options available. Let me explain the entire process one-by-one.

How Are Scars Formed?

scar formation

Following any injury, the first thing that you will see is a “SCAR.” It’s because our body releases inflammatory cells to protect the area of infection. So, when the bleeding stops, the area starts producing a protein called collagen to strengthen the wounded area. And that results in a bumpy or raised area. Since blood flows through this area, the region gives a red appearance. This is what you call “the first stage” of scar formation. 

It could last for a few days or be there for months. Often, such scars don’t pose any problem. However, sometimes they start interfering with the aesthetics. So, people start looking for treatments for removing scars. That’s the reason people started talking about “Can CBD heal scars?” 

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What Are The Common Scar Treatments?

Scars are inevitable, like injuries. You can never predict “when” or “how” you can get them. However, you are in luck to have some treatment available for improving their appearance or relieving symptoms that might be affecting you badly. These include silicone gel or silicone dressing, pressure dressings, steroid creams, laser treatment, skin camouflage or makeup, and even surgery in certain cases. 

But, they can be as expensive as hell. Would you like to invest in something that might cost you a fortune? I doubt so. 

So, here comes the query-

Can CBD Heal Scars?

Since the FDA approved Epidiolex, the craze around CBD is increasing exponentially. And the companies dealing in the skincare regimen had a lot to gain ever since. 


Because CBD is legal in all the 50 states, and skincare treatments are mostly topical. So, no chances of euphoria at all. So, if you are still asking yourself, “Can CBD heal scars?” The answer will be out within the next couple of minutes. 

CBD And Endocannabinoid System 

CBD is one of the primary cannabinoids of marijuana. Scientists and medical marijuana doctors are talking about its mechanism of action and the way it became a mainstream product because of its non-intoxicating nature. 

Biologically, it works by interacting with our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). And the receptors are present in the skin tissues as well. So, when CBD interacts with the skin receptors, they play a role in cell growth and development by regulating inflammatory responses. However, all of this is still in its initial stages, but studies revealed that CBD might play a pivotal role in wound healing. 

A 2019 study suggests that CBD might manage the action of fibroblasts. And that could potentially aid healing, which might alleviate scar formation. In layman terms, it will work in a way that will not include scar formation as a part of the healing process. 

In another study, scientists supported the theory that talked about CBD’s potential as an anti-inflammatory agent with incredible antibiotic properties. Some studies also talked about CBD having sebostatic effects that could help your body prevent acne scarring. 

How to Use CBD For Reducing Scars?

Going the oral route is the most popular way to use CBD. But, that method won’t be useful for reducing scars. To have an impact on scars, you need to apply it directly to the area. This means you can either go for CBD oil or use a CBD-infused formulated cream or lotion with moisturizing properties. A lot of companies are into CBD-infused products, so finding the right product becomes a necessity. 

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Can CBD Heal Scars? Key Takeaways

Research into CBD or marijuana products is limited. But, it is still showing a variety of results as a therapeutic agent. ECS in the skin cells plays a critical role in managing everything related to skin injuries or scarring. So, CBD could be beneficial in such situations. It will help to improve scars without much investment. 

All you have to make sure is to apply the product on time. And choose a reputable brand or a product, so you know exactly what you are putting in. Consulting a medical marijuana doctor might help to find trusted sources for finding your products. 

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