Alternative Methods of Cannabis Consumption

Cannabis has been growing in terms of usage across the country. The legalization wave has swept the country, and medical users have been looking for methods of consumption beyond the ones propagated by recreational users.

Methods on this list are ways that you don’t see discussed in the mainstream media. Primarily because their target audience is the medical users of marijuana. There are capsules that you can swallow, tinctures that you take sublingually or rub directly onto the affected area, and a lot more.

The cannabis industry is rapidly evolving. A new product is on the shelves every couple of months. Most of these products have been around but haven’t gained recognition because of their medical nature.

MMJ doctors in San Francisco has compiled a list of all the products that you don’t have to smoke to get the required effects of marijuana.


You don’t have to burn your cannabis every time you want to reap its benefits. The compounds in marijuana vaporize at lower temperatures., which makes it safer than smoking. The taste of vapourised cannabis is also much better than that of combusted cannabis.


The larger the vaporizer, the better the experience. Large tabletop vaporizers are the best as they offer advanced temperature settings for an enhanced experience.


This alternative is a little slow to set in and a little difficult to regulate, but they are outstanding if you don’t want to smoke. Infusions of butter and oil form the basis of marijuana edibles.


It is even possible to make cannabutter at home, but you have to be extremely careful about the dosage. If you are not much of a home cook, just make your way to any dispensary, you will find quite an array of options there. Just remember to follow one rule “be patient and go slow.”

Ingestible Oils

Ingestible oils are kind of like an umbrella term. Oral consumption of any cannabis concentrate puts it in the category of ingestible oil. Most of the time, you will find that these oils come in plastic applicators or at times in a capsule.

Like any other oil or multivitamin, you can either have them directly or added to a food or drink. Be cautious while having these as the concept is the same as that of edibles.



These are an extremely potent way of getting your dosage. Tinctures use alcohol and infuse it with cannabis extract to create a potent mixture.

Unlike edibles and ingestible oils, tinctures use a dropper to transfer a couple of drops under the tongue, which means they enter the bloodstream immediately. This is also great for immediate relief as well as an accurate dosage.

Tinctures make a great medical cannabis consumption medium. They are available in a variety of potencies, flavors, and cannabinoid profiles that cater to any kind of medical issue one might be facing.


Cannabis-infused lotions and balms are all the rage. Thanks to their property of providing relief while not having any psychoactive side effects. This is the right choice for people who want to keep a clear head throughout the day.

No matter what you decide to use in the end, whether it is a marijuana balm or a cannabis-infused patch, THC does not have a way to enter your bloodstream.

Ease of application, combined with the ability to keep a straight head, all allows people to live and support a healthy lifestyle and also provides the medical relief they need.

Once you have had a look through our list, do get yourself an evaluation by a marijuana doctor San Francisco, before making your way to a dispensary.

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