Ways to Ensure Safe Consumption Of Edibles During COVID-19

Edibles are the new most preferred way of consuming cannabis. At least that’s what the sales speak. Be it due to COVID-19 related health issues, convenience or preference, edibles are taking over the methods of smoking. Amid the rising sales during the pandemic, the cannabis industry has been trying to be the best support to its consumers. Along with ensuring better access to cannabis during the pandemic, patients have easier access to doctors too.  The marijuana doctor san francisco is working to provide the best medical marijuana facilities to its patients online.  So you can have a consultation within minutes and experience the benefits of edibles. 

But before you buy your first pack of gummies, you must know a few things. With COVID-19 in our lives, the safety measures related to edibles have become more important than ever. To keep yourself protected from harm of COVID-19 and otherwise, here are a few ways to ensure you consume edibles safely. 

Know How it Works

Most people have decided to choose edibles as a means to steer clear from the respiratory problems associated with smoking. Or have preferred to consume cannabis as edibles than anything else. Either way, it is important that you know how edibles work before chewing down on the brownies. 

Edibles are safer than joints because it’s the digestive system that processes the edibles in the body. The digestive system is also the reason why edibles take time to work and can deliver stronger effects. Keeping these points in mind, it is imperative that consumers are attentive to their portions with edibles. 

It can be difficult to microdose with cannabis. Beginners tend to lose patience or assume ineffectiveness when in reality it’s just the digestive system that takes time to deliver the cannabinoids of marijuana into the bloodstream.  Overconsumption will deliver stronger effects that may be unbearable for some. To be safe, take time to dose correctly and be acquainted with the different ways of sobering up from a high. 

Following Hygiene is Important

In times of COVID-19, hygiene is an indispensable aspect especially when consuming edibles. You must be well aware of the infectious nature of COVID-19 by now. This is why it is important to avoid indirect or direct transmission of the virus. 

The first step is hand wash. Before you consume edibles, make sure that your hands are sanitized. You can also use clean utensils instead of bare hands to be safer. 

The next step is to not indulge in sharing. You may feel the need to share your edibles with your peers but refrain from this practice for a while. Looking at the long incubation period of COVID-19 and the high chances of asymptomatic patients, you cannot risk mingling with other people. Your exposure to viruses increases when you share your stack as it can easily become contaminated. The best practice would be to maintain the  

Pay Attention to Labels

Every marijuana edible comes with proper labels. Provided that you are buying your stock from a licenced source. Take time to read these labels before you make a final decision about buying them. 

Illegal sources increase the risk of exposure to COVID-19. They are also not properly labeled that raises chances of other health hazards that will only create unnecessary problems right now. 

Proper labels ensure safety and quality. They give you a clear indication of the amount of THC and CBD in the product. Also, if there are any other additives that the consumer must have the knowledge of. You must also check labels for lab tests while buying edibles. A quality product would have tests from an independent organization that will be very clear about  the harmful content in the product if any. Most importantly, labels always mention a serving size. If you haven’t consulted with a professional yet, the serving size will help you get a better idea about the dose that you should take. 

An edible’s label that has all this information assures the consumer that the product is manufactured safely, is of good quality and safe to use. 

Stay Put 

After consuming edibles you need to act responsibly. Unless your edible type is meant to deliver an energy boost and improve focus, you should refrain from any safety-sensitive activities like driving and cooking.

Cannabis is psychoactive and can impair your body coordination, reaction time and concentration. And edibles can increase the level of such effects. For this reason, it is best to stay in a safe place after ingesting edibles. 

Chances of overdose with edibles is very common among beginners. For people who mix up different drugs and alcohol with cannabis, extreme effects are more than likely to occur. If it happens, you may lose perspective and focus. Stay at home and in the company of a trustworthy person who can ensure that you do not put yourself at risk of exposure to COVID-19 or any other hazard.

Be Careful About Storage

While you must be careful when you consume cannabis, caution has to be maintained while you are not using it too. This means the storage of edibles is equally important to maintain safety. 

If you are living with other people, you do not want one of them to accidentally get hands on your stash. Edibles can be very easily misunderstood for normal food. And if someone consumes cannabis without awareness, it may not be a pleasant experience for them. Children, pets and elders are kept far away from your stock. Ensure this by storing your edibles in a place where no one is expected to find it except you. Also, do not remove the packaging of the edibles. Even if someone finds your stash, the packaging will help identify that it’s not meant for them. 

When storing edibles for a long time, identify the perishable components and store accordingly. Keep the expiry date in mind and use airtight containers to avoid cross contamination. 

Cooking at Home

Many cannabis consumers like to make their edibles at home. It definitely reduces your interaction with the outside world but comes with its own set of safety measures. 

Before you start cooking with cannabis, make sure that your kitchen is properly sanitized. Kitchen counters, chopping boards, knives and every other utensil you use regularly must be clean. Only use proper cleaning agents to disinfect your kitchen.  Also, store your cannabis infused recipe properly. Label it to keep track of its shelf life and cover it to avoid cross contamination with other items stored with it. 

Remember to follow all the ways that apply to you to make your experience with edibles as safe as possible. 


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