Top cannabis strains that can enhance your socializing experience

Are you someone who is not a social person but wants to be one? Well, cannabis can help you with that. You might think how’s that possible. Cannabis has a reputation for making people lazy, anxious, sleepy, and antisocial. As a result, many people avoid using the herb in a social setting. Well, if you want to use it for your health, you need to have a medical marijuana license in San Francisco. It’s important to note that there are hundreds of cannabis strains. So, there are certain strains that might induce feelings of laziness and relax you to the core. On the other hand, there are strains that produce an uplifting effect on your body and make you mentally alert. That’s our focus here. Let’s have a look at strains that help you socialize.

Super Lemon Haze

Consecutive winner(2008 and 2009) of the High Times cannabis cup, this strain is a popular one. This is a Sativa dominant strain that began as a hybrid cross of Skunk#1, Haze, and Northern Lights#5. Later, the product was bred with Lemon Skunk to get the ultra-famous Super Lemon Haze. The strain has a sweet lemony taste that can be attributed to its rich limonene profile which is the dominant terpene. Super Lemon Haze features a THC content of 25% that makes it one of the most potent strains around. Its Sativa genetics make it one of the best strains to use during the daytime. It will keep you energetic, and productive throughout the day. If you have a hard time talking to people, Super Lemon Haze will help you get started. It gives that instant hint of jolly mood that people love to bond with. You’ll finally feel more confident and you’ll feel wired to socialize. Super Lemon Haze is also a brilliant strain that is used in managing depression, anxiety, pain, appetite loss, and migraine. 


This strain is pretty different due to its low THC content and high CBD profile. THC makes just 1-6% of the genetic profile while CBD sits around 20%. This award-winning strain is a cross between Cannatonic and Ruderalis. It’s 50 percent Indica and 50 percent Sativa making it an evenly balanced hybrid. Well, in most cases it leans more towards Sativa. The aroma of ACDC can be best described as skunky, sweet, and earthy with a subtle hint of fruit. When you light the herb, you might feel the scent of lemongrass and cherry. The strain is mainly intended for medicinal use as recreational users won’t be able to derive the high due to its low THC content ACDC is great for alleviating conditions like pain, alcoholism, and cancer. Its Indica lineage is also responsible for its uplifting effects that are evident in the form of euphoria, happiness, and peace. You’ll feel more sociable and relaxed. 


Hawaiian is a Sativa dominant hybrid that comes from Hawaii. The strain might be available everywhere but it serves as a building block of various Sativa strains. It features a high THC percentage between 15% and 25% with CBD sitting around just 1%. There is still a bit unsure about the lineage of this strain lends its genes to various Sativa dominant strains. The moment you light the buds, you will feel an aroma of guava, passionfruit, and pineapple. The flavor can be best described as light and fruity with hints of citrus. It also features a good blend of terpenes myrcene, pinene, and limonene which gives it a fresh feel. When the effects start to kick in, you will feel happy, talkative, and euphoric. Hawaiian is a party strain and will keep the vibe all good. Talking about the medicinal effects, it is great at managing stress, depression, and anxiety. Chronic pain is also something it manages with great effect. 


If you’re a fan of high Indica strains, this one is for you. It derives its genetics from the potent Afghani Indica that delivers a sedative high. It’s probably been crossed with a flavorful Maui Haze. The moment you take a hit, you will feel sweet and earthy flavors with hints of berry. Afgoo has a high presence of myrcene it relaxes you to the core and gives the feeling of warmth, happiness, and love. The effects can be best described as dreamy and you will feel yourself launch into bliss in no time. It’s a great strain to manage anxiety, depression, and PTSD. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that make it great for managing pain and nausea. In the absence of these conditions, you will naturally feel better and more inclined to socialize. 

Get a medical marijuana license in San Francisco

If you are planning to get these strains, you need to have an MMJ card. It gives you the legal right to access cannabis from the state-certified dispensaries. A large part of the credit goes to the legalization process that makes this possible. If you are not sure how to get started, you’ll have to undergo 420 evaluations. The steps are pretty simple: 

1) Find a certified clinic 

In order to access an MMJ card, you need to find a certified clinic. Do some research and look at the user reviews to find a clinic you can trust. Most reputed clinics have board-certified doctors that can provide you with valuable guidance. 

2) Submit an application form

Fill your application form by entering your details. The clinic will analyze your application and link you to a certified cannabis doctor. 

3) Interact with the doctor

The doctor interacts with you via video call and tries to understand your health. It’s important that you are absolutely transparent about your health condition to let the doctor have a better understanding of your health. The main aim of this process is to check if you have a qualifying medical condition. 

4) Get your card

If you qualify, the doctor approves your request and you get the right to own a medical marijuana card. Once you have the card, you have the legal right to access cannabis from the state-certified dispensaries. 

Owning a cannabis card comes with many benefits. You can save up to 25% tax on cannabis expenditure and grow your own plants. Plus, you have access to a wider range of cannabis products. Recreational users have limited access. So, having a medical marijuana license in San Francisco is loaded with benefits that you cannot ignore. 

Once you have these strains, you can add a new dimension to your life. These can help you unwind and relax to the core. More than that, these strains can help you socialize and bond with people. In addition, you can manage your health conditions with ease. These can combine to provide you with a better life that is devoid of stress and worries. It can create an idea of a better world for you. There is continuous research in work that is expected to outline more benefits in the future. Also, the cannabis industry is in a phase of boom and is expected to rise further in the future.

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