The Future of Consumption: Marijuana Beverages


We are about to enter a new decade as 2019 nears an end, and one of the most significant trends has finally materialized. It is the entry of cannabis-infused beverages.

You can hate them or love them; they are, for sure, coming to the market. 

MMJ doctor San Francisco is sure to tell you about their entry into a list of already extensive ways to consume marijuana. 

We will be examining two trends that have caused this growth, the entry of Big Alcohol wanting to cash in on the recent wave of popularity that has come with marijuana and the growth of CBD as a nonpsychoactive pain reliever. 

The CBD Boom 

The CBD Boom

The whole industry should be thanking just one particular generation for the boom in CBD, anxious millennials. The industry for CBD still has a varied base, but when it comes to the kind of cannabis that gets you stoned, there is a big market for that too. 

In terms of figures, cannabis was an industry of about $9 billion in 2017. 

At the current and projected trends regarding its growth, we have a figure that is surpassing $23billion in 2022. 

Now your average stoner is no longer a tie-dye wearing hippie; it could be your next-door neighbor or your quite cubical working co-worker.

 There are absolutely no boundaries on who is smoking marijuana at this point in time. 

At this point, it’s a lifestyle choice, complete with curated Instagram feeds and products as high tech as iPhones. You have complete lifestyle products ranging from coffee to subscriptions that cater to this life. 

CBD has also gotten a boost from the legalization of industrial hemp. 

The extraction of CBD takes place from hemp as well as cannabis. 

Big Company Haul 

There are your small-time producers who are concentrating on teas, water, and soda. Then there are your big cologmarates, dabbling in alcohol and energy drinks. Anything that can translate into a cannabis-infused wonder is in the development phase for the market. 

The primary investors in this market at this point are Constellation Brands ( Corona), who have invested 4 billion on Canopy Growth, a major Canadian marijuana producer. 

Brewer Molson Coors is investing in a different Canadian Marijuana Company. 

Almost every major brand is dipping is dipping their toes in this business, but what are the existing consumer options in the market?

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Cannabis Beverages

Cannabis Coffee

Cannabis Coffee

Get your medicine with your wake up drunk for a kick that gets you through the morning. 

Cannabis Tea 

If coffee is not your cup of tea( see what I did there), you can always get some cannabis tea to help treat your ailments. 


Now, what can go wrong with a sweet syrup which is made using concentrated cannabis? 

Just be a little careful when you are adding this to your food. 

Infused Water 

First It was the fruits, but now that has evolved into cannabis-infused water. Be careful, as the kick from these can be quite strong. You can blame their concentration, which can be as much as 40 mg of THC. 

Cannabis Beer 

Cannabis Beer

Craft beer uses hops and grains for brewing. When making cannabis beer, craft brewers are substituting the hops with marijuana. This creates an interesting flavor profile. 

The Problems With Beverages 

Marijuana tolerance varies dramatically across consumers. The problem is that there is no middle ground when you are choosing a beverage as a form to consume marijuana. 

The drinks are either targeted towards heavy smokers, the kind that can sort of tolerating 100 mg of THC( that’s a lot ), or for beginners with 2.5 milligrams. 

This means you have to get around to 5 bottles before you feel high. 

Varying tolerance makes for a considerable challenge, i.e., settling on a dosage that works for everyone. 

Have a look at San Francisco marijuana dispensaries to know if you can indulge in one of these drinks there.


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