Online MMJ San Francisco A Guide to Vaping Safely

Medical Marijuana users are once again gaining access to vaping products as the Cannabis Commission refused to hold up the Baker administration’s ban. Before you go into the intricacies of how to make vaping a safe endeavor, ensure that if you’re a medical marijuana patient to get an Online MMJ San Francisco. 

This is, however, possibly short-lived as the whole industry in up in controversy due to legal complications. But why is the vaping industry in distress?

How did something that has gained such high visibility as a great alternative to rolling a joint suddenly get into jeopardy?

Before you go into the intricacies of how to make vaping a safe endeavor, ensure that if you’re a medical marijuana patient to get an Online MMJ San Francisco.  

The leader in nicotine vaping has been JULL, which, too, is now embroiled in legal battles to protect its very existence.

Before we understand how things got so bad, lets first have a look at what goes into a vaping device.

Anatomy of a Vaping Device

Even though there are various devices out there, thanks to the social acceptance of these in the mainstream media, you will see some similarities between different brands with these devices.

At their core, they are elementary devices — one which uses a battery to heat a core which is made of a wire coil. A wick draws the e-liquid to the coil. This e-liquid is hen heated by the coil and vapourised.

This is the general mechanism that is employed by the device. Let’s have a look at the most commonly found components of a vape device



This is the whole device in its entirety. If you look in the market, you will find vaping devices existing across the spectrum in various sizes and shapes. There are some shaped the way a cigarette would be, or there are others that resemble a pen, a box, a tube, or anything you can dream under the sun.  They all serve the same purpose in the end. 

They are the bridge between the battery and the atomizer. 


This is what makes your device run. There are two types of batteries that can be used to operate a vape. This is strictly a manufacturer’s choice aspect of the device.

Your battery could either be a nonreplaceable inner battery or a replaceable one causing large drains. Both of them come with their own pros and cons.



This the part which houses the two heating components of the device i.e., the coils and the wick along with the reservoir that holds the liquid.



This is the coiled resistance wire. Factors like the number of wraps, the kind of wire used, and the diameter of the coil are what determines the amount of electricity that it would need to produce heat.

 Cartilage/ Dried Flower

This is where the whole process gets interesting when it comes to marijuana cartilages. 

There are two methods employed to generate vapor.


This is where the herb comes in direct contact with the heated surface. This heated surface is usually a metal plate over the coil.

This metal plate heats up, and your herb begins to vaporize. The heat then flows through the chamber, giving you a chance to taste those delectable terpenes and cannabinoids.

This is, however, not the most efficient way to generate vapor from a vaporizer. The heat distribution is uneven, and at best, always manages to burn the flower.

It is the most popular method employed by vaporizers on the market.


This is a slightly more complicated process of heating the herb or cartilage of your choice.  In this process, heated air passes over the entirety of the plant or concentrate.

This ensures that no charring of the flower takes place as the whole plant gets heated simultaneously.

So there are two ways that your pen could end up working. The complicated mechanism driving convection makes it significantly more expensive than a conduction method vape pen. Though the thing to remember here would be that the experience that you have with a convection method is smoother.

The Controversy Regarding THC

This is again a very dark place to be at. Most vape related deaths have been linked to a black market THC oil cartridge.  Absolutely no reports to date have mentioned CBD cartilages. So, there is that.  

Chances are as long as you ensure that you are buying cartilage from a reliable source, you should be just fine.  

Apart from buying from a reliable source, you can also ensure some other steps to enjoy your vaping experience.

The Temperature 

If you’re going to be vaping, you should splurge a bit and get a temperature-controlled device. Once you have the option to calibrate the temperature, it becomes easier to manage the experience you are going to end up having.

Things to Look Out For While Buying A Vape Pen

Things to Look Out For While Buying A Vape Pen

 A Low Voltage Battery Along With Adjustable Temperature 

Studies have pointed to that maybe the hotter you smoke, the more carcinogens you inhale. So, it better if one reduces their exposure to smoke, and that can be done via a battery that maybe isn’t as strong.

There are times when your cannabis might not be as pure as you might like, and in that case, a 3.3-volt battery is any day much better than a 5 volt.

 Look For The Consistency of Honey in the Oil 

The market for hash oil is mostly unregulated, and in this case, it becomes very tough to get your hands on the right stuff for vaping. You are searching for perfection; remember that. 

Perfection here is precisely how you would expect honey to be.

Sometimes, however, you will find that the oil still has the plant’s chlorophyll and cuticle waxes. Not something you want to be vaping. Other additives found to range from propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol to both cancerogenic compounds. Be extremely picky when selecting your cannabis oil.

 Have Faith In Your Buds 

Your most faithful companion in the hunt for the right vaping flavor is your tongue. If it tastes funny, it is wrong, simple as that. The sad part of the market is that many companies now rely on adding synthetic alternatives of organic compounds to give rise to the feeling of nostalgia in stoners hopefully.

It might work to a certain extent, but one cannot deny the harmful effects it is masking.  

 In The End, Be Smart

The point with the whole industry is that it is mostly unregulated, and the only group that affects is the user. There is always a might associated with the vaping industry. It might be bad; it might not get me high at all, all this and more. Be smart about where you are getting your goodies from.

 Vaping is one of the best ways 420 doctors San Francisco advise people to administer marijuana to medical card patients, and that is why one needs to be extremely careful while deciding what and how you want to smoke. 

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