Learn The Basics About Cannabis Edibles

Do you wish to use medical cannabis but don’t want to indulge in smoking cannabis? Don’t worry, there are dozens of other ways to consume cannabis that are smokeless and deliver the best experience. One of the most common alternatives to smoking cannabis is edibles.

A lot of people in the US prefer cannabis edibles as a way of dosage since they are easily available, discreet, and very convenient. So do you think that edibles can suit you as a delivery method? If yes, then read along to acquaint yourself with the basics of edibles that every cannabis consumer should know. Also, before chewing on edibles, remember to get yourself a medical cannabis recommendation from a legit medical professional. It’s important because only a professional will let you know if edibles work for your condition and if yes then what dosage will suit you the best.

What Are Edibles?

Edibles are just another way of consuming cannabis. But instead of a rolled-up joint or vape pen, the cannabis is infused in anything that’s edible. You may have watched in movies or heard about special brownies that make people go crazy. Those are nothing but normal brownies infused with cannabis or edibles. And yes they do make you crazy if you do not control your dose. It does not involve any combustion or smoke and gives you a smoke-free experience similar to having a meal.

Initially, the only edible that people know of were brownies or cookies. But considering the amount of sugar that was consumed with every dose and the development of the cannabis industry, cannabis edibles increased in variety. Today, a dispensary or an online store is full of an assortment of edibles that range from the original brownies to new innovations like beef jerky and popcorns. In fact, every food recipe that you can think of probably has a cannabis version available either at the online stores and dispensaries or as a recipe online.

Edibles may sound simple but they are not. You have to be careful with how you use them because ultimately it’s a medication. So you must learn the basics of edibles just to be safe. Here are a few points that can help you make a start.

Choose the Right Edibles

Edibles are of many types. And by types, I don’t mean chocolate and cake. If you are buying from a legit source, edibles are of four types- Sativa infused, Indica infused, Hybrid Infused and CBD infused. Sativa, Indica, and Hybrids are the different strains of cannabis. Each of these strains has different chemical compositions which also makes their results different. For example, Sativa is best known to energize you and uplift the mood whereas Indica delivers more of a ‘couch-locking’ high and is mostly used for its sedative and relaxing effects. CBD edibles are used by people who want the therapeutic benefits but without any intoxicating high. Because CBD is a component of cannabis that does not cause intoxication but is equally therapeutic as THC. 

Edibles are also categorized as edibles and beverages. While edibles include everything solid like gummies, chocolates, and cookies, cannabis beverages include coffee, lemonade, beer, tonics, etc. Edibles and beverages also differ in their onset time. While the former takes 30 minutes to 4 hours to kick in, the latter can take 15 minutes to 1 hour to show effects.

The choice of edibles will depend on the effects you want and what type will fit your lifestyle better. This is where a medical professional can guide you best. 

It’s More Potent and Lasts Longer

Whether you are shifting to edibles from a different delivery method or are a beginner, remember that the effects of edibles cannot be compared with other ways of consumption. Edibles are processed in the body using completely different processes. For example, smoking involves the respiratory system and edibles involve the digestive system. This difference is the reason why edibles deliver different effects and at different times.

The onset of edibles is longer than other delivery methods. Since the cannabinoids have to pass through the digestive system before it can reach the CB receptors, edibles can take up to 4 hours to show any effects. So edibles are not the right choice for people who need immediate results.

In addition to this, edibles have a more potent effect. The liver breaks down the cannabinoid THC into a more bioavailable compound called 11-hydroxy-THC. This makes the high stronger compared to other methods. The effects are not just potent, they also last longer. So before you may want to think twice before going all out on the edibles. Because it may seem like that it isn’t working initially but when it does, the effects may be unbearable for first-timers. 

Consuming a Correct Dose is Very Important

The slow onset of cannabis edibles can confuse beginners into thinking that the edibles are ineffective when in reality, it’s working in the body but very slowly. This lack of knowledge sometimes leads to an overdose that’s usually intolerable. You may feel nausea, headache, impaired reflexes, etc. 

This is why it is very important that you strictly follow the dose and directions of using edibles. And move to a higher amount only when you have enough experience and are sure that you can tolerate the high. 

Learn What to do in Case of an Overdose

Overdose with edibles is very common especially with people using it for the first time. To avoid panicking in such situations, the best option is to be prepared for it. In case you overdose on edibles, learn what to do next. Here are a few tips that can help.

  • Don’t panic. The high will pass. 
  • Settle yourself down in a safe place. 
  • Sleep it out. 
  • Have a cold bath if you can.
  • Eat and drink to flush out excess THC. 
  • Keep CBD handy. It helps counter the high of THC.

Store Edibles Properly

If you are someone who uses edibles and lives with a lot of people, storing edibles properly is very important. One thing about cannabis edibles is that it is very difficult to tell them apart from regular food. So if someone bumps into them, they wouldn’t be able to guess what it is and consume it accidentally. For people who are not used to cannabis, edibles can lead to a miserable experience. 

The best option is to store edibles out of reach of children, elderly people, and even pets. Or just let your family be aware of your stash. You can also label them properly to help people differentiate between cannabis-infused food and regular food. Or a better option is to let edibles stay in their package as the brightly colored packaging will also help as a warning. 

Edibles also need to be stored properly to increase their shelf life. Keep them in airtight containers and away from light and humidity. If they are made of perishable ingredients like dairy, store them in the refrigerator. 

If you decide to choose edibles as a delivery method you can be assured that you have the basic knowledge that is needed for safe use. So you can munch on those brownies or guld down the lemonade to have the best experience while being safe. 


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