CBD Inside Your Shampoo: How Does It Work?


In the past few years, big labels such as Sephora and Josie have all touted the benefits of CBD. They have a line of seemingly popular face serums, face oils, and various other skincare products with CBD as the main ingredient. The CBD skincare trend has become so popular that every company has its own official standards. 

Just as CBD became an integral part of the skincare line, beauty companies and famous skincare brands also started infusing CBD into hair care. The only problem with CBD is that it’s derived from a plant that is still illegal on the federal level. This makes it difficult for people to trust CBD skincare lines, unless, of course, they use 420 evaluations to use CBD to alleviate pain and inflammation. So, as a consumer, if you’re confused about CBD and its role as a hair protector, read on to learn what you’ve been missing so far. 

CBD and Hair Care

Since CBD has found its way into shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products, it’s not surprising to see the launch of Steam. A Los Angeles based skincare brand comprising both THC and CBD skincare products. From shampoos to hair and scalp oil, you will find everything required to keep your hair healthy and beautiful on the top shelves of Steam stores. 

Not only this but if you search online you will come across other prominent brands like R+Co and Raincry featuring CBD shampoos as hair fall treatment solutions. So, it is fair to say that CBD has successfully made into the beauty industry showcasing its therapeutic potential. The only question that remains: how effectively do these products work and what makes CBD shampoos so special. 

To begin with, people who believe in the therapeutic potential of cannabis, including medical marijuana patients, argue that both CBD and THC can enhance the absorption power of other ingredients in beauty products. Scientifically speaking, the phytocannabinoids (CBD, THC) are capable of inducing the entourage effect. 

The entourage effect is when cannabis compounds work in synergy to provide the best medicinal effects. This means that the addition of either CBD or THC will amplify the efficacy of other ingredients. While the entourage effect still requires in-depth research and concrete scientific backing, here are other pieces of evidence that you must read to understand the infusion of CBD into shampoo and conditioners. 

CBD is Filled With Nutrients

CBD is rich in essential vitamins and consists of antioxidants. You might have heard that vitamin A, C, and E are good for hair, CBD comprises these vitamins. While you can derive these nutrients from food, a CBD rich shampoo will add an extra protective layer of nutritional value. You can also use CBD shampoo to alleviate scalp problems and other hair infections that cause hair shedding. 

If you’re looking for CBD shampoo and conditioner brands, pursue someone you can trust. For instance, EMERA has a wide collection of nutrient-rich CBD shampoo. You can find these shampoos online and in-stores. So, make sure you purchase products from a brand that also provides lab reports. Lab reports will help you get insights into the nutritional value of the product. Also, keep in mind that vitamin-rich shampoos can protect your hair from environmental stress, breakage, and dullness. 

CBD Has Hydrating Properties

Besides nutritional value, CBD adeptly provides hydration too. Products like the CBD Daily conditioner consist of natural hemp oil. This oil acts as a moisturizer for dry and frizzy hair. Not only this, but CBD oil is also good for your scalp. If you ever feel like your hair has become brittle and dry, use a CBD oil-infused conditioner, and you’ll notice the difference. 

CBD Can Prevent Hair Loss 

If you suffer from hair loss and breakage, CBD may be able to help you. Antioxidants are good for both your skin and hair. If you use CBD (rich in antioxidants and vitamins) as a part of your hair care routine, it might help you get rid of scalp infections causing hair loss. Also, some experts believe that CBD can promote the growth of hair follicles. The only exception, in this case, is the product’s quality and efficiency. 

While the market is filled with CBD brands and tons of CBD products. You have to be sure about whether or not you want CBD hair care treatment. If yes, you can get 420 evaluations, learn a little bit more about CBD as a therapeutic agent, and see how CBD hair care products can help you. 


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