Cannabis Doctor San Francisco Tells Why Growing Cannabis Indoors is Better Than Outdoors


Recently, four more states legalized cannabis for recreational purposes. This shows that people are now paying more attention to the cannabis industry. There’s no doubt that in the coming years, this industry is going to grow even more. Medical cannabis is now legal in 35 states, plus Washington D.C., and recreational cannabis in 15 states, plus D.C. Medical patients consult a cannabis doctor San Francisco to get an MMJ card and buy medical cannabis. But many enthusiasts and medical patients are now beginning to grow their own cannabis plants at home.

Growing cannabis at home can make things much easier for you as you won’t have to go out of your home to a dispensary to buy your cannabis. Whether you use cannabis for medical or recreational purposes, growing on your own can be beneficial for you in many ways. Now, the question that beginners usually ask is, what is better – growing cannabis indoors or outdoors? While this is a subjective question, there are certain reasons that make indoor growing better than outdoors. In this article, we are going to learn about how growing cannabis indoors is better than growing it outdoors. Just read along to learn about all the advantages of growing indoors over outdoors. So, let’s get into it!

Cannabis Doctor in San Francisco Says You Can Grow Your Plants Year-Round

When you are growing your cannabis plants indoors, you get to control the environment for their growth. This gives you one of the biggest advantages over growing outdoors as you no longer have to depend upon the weather outside. You can simply grow your cannabis at any time of the year.

Cannabis plants require a specific temperature to grow. You won’t get the best results if the temperature is too cold or too hot. The best temperature to grow your plants stays between 68 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. But when you grow cannabis outdoors, you need to depend upon the external climate and weather conditions. That’s why it is better to grow your plants indoors as you can control the climate indoors according to what your plants need.

You can control the humidity, temperature, and light indoors. This way you can maintain a stable habitat for your plants to grow while eliminating the risk of outdoor elements. That’s how you get the chance to grow your cannabis plants year-round.

You Won’t Have to Worry About The Disease Related to Temperature

While you are maintaining the right temperature for your plants, the risk of temperature-related diseases also decreases. In addition to this, the chances of your plants getting infested with mold also reduce. All these factors help you produce as many flowers as possible that are also large in size.

Indoor Growing Helps You Protect Your Plants From Bugs, Pests, and Animals

You can consult a cannabis doctor in San Francisco to get your grower’s license and grow more medical cannabis plants. But one of the biggest problems that people have to face when growing cannabis outdoors is the attack of pests. There are various kinds of pests that can hinder the growth of cannabis plants and resist them from producing flowers. When you grow outdoors, you have to be at the mercy of these pests. But, by growing your plants indoors, you can reduce the chances of pests and other bugs damaging your crop. The possibility of pests entering your indoor garden and attacking your plant decreases. And with some knowledge of insect prevention, this risk can further decrease.

Control The Hours of Light Your Plants Need With Grow Lights

While there is no doubt that Sunlight is the best light your plants can get, grow lights have their own advantages over it. No one can control the climate outdoors or how many hours the sun would shine. But your plants need exposure to the light to grow well. This is where grow lights play a major role. With grow lights, you can control the duration of light exposure your plants will get. Sunlight is only available for a limited time, depending on your location. But with the help of grow lights, your plants can get exposure to the light more than 20 hours a day.

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