Are there any Side Effects of Using Cannabis Edibles_

Are there any Side Effects of Using Cannabis Edibles?

Edibles have been a part of the cannabis world for a very long time. The marijuana brownies, in fact, can be considered an important symbol of the plant’s history. Though weed brownies probably came around as a way to cover up our cannabis consumption, they have now become an amazing alternative to smoking. And owing to this, even the people who don’t prefer smoking are applying for an mmj card.

But should you consider applying for an online mmj in San Francisco on the basis of this only?

After smoking, edibles probably are the most famous way of consuming cannabis among cannabis enthusiasts. And it definitely is a way better option as compared to smoking. But it doesn’t mean they don’t have any side effects.

Edibles too have their share of side effects that you should be aware of, especially if you are thinking of getting an mmj card relying on this only. And in this article, we’ll discuss this very thing. 

What Makes the Edibles Different from Smoking?

Smoking and Edibles are the oldest and most traditional ways of consuming cannabis. And even now, the two methods top the list of ways cannabis is consumed. But what makes these two methods different?

Let’s talk about smoking first. 

Cannabis smoking includes burning the joint that carries cannabis, and then inhaling it. When you inhale the joint, the cannabinoids in your marijuana enter your lungs. And from there, they move around your body and trigger the effects that are associated with them.

However, when you are inhaling your joint, it’s not only cannabinoids that you are taking in. You are inhaling burnt plant and paper too. And experts believe that inhaling these for too long can have a permanent effect on your respiratory system.

So, how are edibles different?

Edibles, as you probably know, do not have an effect on your respiratory system. This is because, instead of entering your respiratory system, edibles go through your digestive system. And here, they are broken down as any regular food item. As your digestive system breaks the cannabis down, cannabinoids are released. And from here, they enter your bloodstream in order to reach different parts of your body. 

Let’s see how the cannabinoids act differently in both cases.

  • Speed: In the case of smoking, cannabinoids usually act immediately. On the other hand, the edibles may take some time (up to an hour) to show their effects.
  • Duration: The high that we get from edibles can last for a lot more time as compared to other methods. This is because, in the case of edibles, cannabinoids are released very slowly. 
  • Potency: According to a few studies, edibles, as compared to smoking, have a lower bioavailability. This means a part of the cannabinoids gets lost in the digestive system, making it somewhat less potent. 
  • Effects: The users sometimes experience different effects with different consumption methods. As per a few people, the high they get from edibles is a lot more intense and psychoactive, despite it having lower bioavailability. But this may also happen because of consuming too much.

You should, however, note that the exact bioavailability and effects of cannabis edibles depend on various factors, including your diet, metabolic, BMI, etc. Plus, the type of edible you are consuming also has an effect on it.

Cannabis Side-Effects

Marijuana is quite famous for its medicinal properties. And that’s why a lot of people are applying for online mmj in San Francisco and many other places. However, cannabis, in general, also has some side effects. Let’s discuss a few.

Short Term Side Effects

  • Paranoia/Anxiety: THC, a very famous cannabinoid of cannabis, has various benefits in terms of health. However, a high dose of this chemical can cause paranoia and anxiety in some people. This effect doesn’t usually occur with lower doses. But if your tolerance level is low, even a lower dose may make you anxious.
  • Dry Mouth: Dry mouth, a.k.a. cottonmouth, is one of the major side effects of marijuana. Various studies have been conducted to figure out why exactly this happens. And the results say that when THC enters your body, the submandibular glands lower the production of saliva, which results in dry mouth.
  • Munchies: If you are already a cannabis user, you probably know how hungry you feel after taking a hit. While some people use cannabis to increase their appetite, for many, it still is an unwanted side effect.
  • Red Eyes: If you want to identify a stoner, the easiest way is to look at their eyes. The THC tends to dilate the blood vessels around your eyes, making them red. In some cases, your eyes may feel dry too.

Long Term Side Effects

  • Respiratory Issues: As discussed previously, long term smoking can have some very harmful effects on your lungs.
  • Mental effects in Teenagers: A few studies on the effects of cannabis have shown that using it for a long term can have some negative effects on youngsters, especially teenagers. As the brain of a teenager isn’t fully developed, using cannabis can cause some psychological issues in them. 

Side Effects of Edibles

Just like any other form of cannabis consumption, with edibles, too, you can experience:

  • Red eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • Unclear visual perception
  • Difficulty in perception of time
  • Short-term memory loss

These all pretty common side-effects of cannabis. However, edibles can pose a little more danger because of the time it takes to act on your body.

As cannabis edibles take some time to kick in, people sometimes tend to eat more than required. And this leads to a high that isn’t too pretty. You may start getting hallucinations, paranoia, and anxiety. A feeling of nausea and sickness is also very common.

You should note that these side effects of cannabis edibles aren’t really fatal and you’ll recover soon. However, it’s a situation, you never want to be in. So, here are a few tips to help you stay safe with edibles.

Tips to Stay Safe

A rule of thumb you should follow while using edibles is to use it with friends, or at least at a safe place. Also, follow the tips given below.

  • For dry mouth, always keep some water handy with you.
  • For red eyes, you can use some good quality eye drops.
  • For anxiety, keep your dosage low. Don’t pick up another edible for at least a few hours.
  • For fatigue, always consume at a comfortable place where you can pass out without any worries.

Conclusive Words

No doubt, edibles are real fun! They are tasty, they are enjoyable, and they are a perfect choice for those who don’t like smoking. However, they do have a few side effects. While many of these side effects are the same as any other method, they can be more dangerous with edibles, given the time they usually take to kick in. The delayed effects of cannabis edibles can be very dangerous if you are not careful. 

Fortunately, you can manage most of these side effects very easily. As long as you are consuming your edibles responsibly, there’s nothing to worry about.

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