Medical Marijuana Doctor Shares Some Ideas For Your New Year Resolutions

Medical Marijuana Doctor Shares Some Ideas For Your New Year Resolutions

The tradition of making resolutions for the coming year is a never-ending process. Hardly a few keep up with their resolutions. But that’s usually when we pick things that are highly complicated. But, for every other person to easily accomplish their new year’s resolutions, here are some of the ideas shared by the medical marijuana doctor. 

Improve Your Culinary Skills by Investing Your Time in Making Edibles

Why go for any traditional ways when you can add more light to your new year with incredible marijuana edible recipes. Going for homemade stuff can be a healthy boost. So, make sure to include learning new recipes in your new year’s resolutions. For one, you can impress your friends and secondly, you will be able to change your taste often. Who likes to eat those ill-flavored medications? You can make your medication batches with your favorite dishes. 

Learn to Grow Cannabis For Yourself 

Learn to Grow Cannabis For Yourself

Nothing can be better than starting a new hobby for the new year. You can grow your own cannabis garden. It will better for patients who are always in need of their medication. As they can get quality strains. Plus, there are only initial expenses. Then over time, you will be able to save a lot of medical expenses. Furthermore, you will not have to look for any licensed dispensaries in the wee hours for your medication. 

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Help Cannabis Enthusiasts to Legalize Cannabis 

Of course, we are not talking about you fighting for any election. But, you can involve yourself in many pro-cannabis drives. Or work with certain organizations to boost the cannabis movement in the country. Who knows a single step from your side can actually make a difference in others’ lives. 

Plan a Trip to a Legal State

A lot of the readers might not be enjoying the status of a legal state. If you are also one of them, then flying to the marijuana legalized state should be one of your bucket lists this new year. And even if you live in a legal state, planning a trip to another cannabis legal state can be a wonderful way to brighten your new year. 

Never Use The Same Product 

If you are the type of person who uses the same strain every time, then try changing your ways in the coming year. Make sure to always choose a new strain or a product whenever you place an order with a licensed dispensary. Who knows you will find a new favorite? Plus, marijuana doctor advocates using different products to avoid vaper’s tongue. 

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Start Sharing 

Sharing helps to create friendships and bonding that otherwise might not be able to start. You can make a cannabis group where you can enjoy a great get together while having your favorite strains or cannabis delicacies.  It’s like having a canna buddy where no one will judge you for your choices. 


Starting a new year is always cheerful that brings more hope in the lives of many. Including cannabis will only improve your life in the coming year. Be it as a recreational product or as a medical option to manage your medical condition. So, including cannabis in your new year’s resolutions will also act as a booster for you. 

However, if you are new to cannabis, make sure first, go for your medical marijuana card in San Francisco from a reputed marijuana doctor. Then, use products suitable for your medical condition. And always go low and slow to avoid any negative effects of the product. What are your plans for the coming year? Have you already made your list of resolutions or still finding one? 

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