San Francisco Marijuana News - New Law Permits MMJ On Campuses

San Francisco Marijuana News – New Law Permits MMJ On Campuses

Governor Gavin Newsom took a historic step on late Wednesday night. He approved an enactment that not only affects San Francisco marijuana laws but of whole California.  Mr. Newsom has signed a bill for opening the way for MMJ in K-12 school campuses; breaking with former Gov. Jerry Brown, who had denied similar edict last year. 

This will pave the way for parents to bring medical cannabis to their children in school. Provided that, the off-spring is suffering from specific ailments. Until now, possession and use of marijuana are prohibited within 1,000 feet of a school. Thus, parents require to take their children off campus for the administration of daily dosages.

Important Aspects Of The Bill

The proclamation prohibits smoking or vaping medical cannabis. The law only permits other forms to be administered to students by parents on campus. That, too, only if the school board has accepted a policy providing the admittance. Along with that, the parents should also have a doctor’s recommendation to administer medical cannabis products on campus. 

Moreover, parents and guardians would check-in that other students are not exposed to the herb when arriving on campus. The new law will take effect from the first day of the coming year. There are eight other states, including Washington and Florida, that have allowed the usage of medical marijuana on K-12 campuses. Namely – Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, New Jersey, and New Mexico.

Senator Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo) named this enactment as JoJo’s Act in reference to a San Francisco Bay Area teenager boy. Jojo was suffering from a severe form of epilepsy -Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. Karina Garcia (Jojo’s mother) testified to lawmakers that his son consumes medicinal cannabis tinctures to prevent debilitating seizures. The seizures prevented him from attending school. So, eventually, it all started with a plea of Jojo’s mother to law authorities with the help of JoJo’s MMJ doctor San Francisco.

How Officials Reacted To This Edict 

Whereas, Gov. Jerry Brown had said in a veto message last year – “I am concerned about the exposure of marijuana on youth”; Mr. Newsom overruled each and every objection of various law enforcement groups and signed the bill without comment. 

Sen. Jerry Hill said this bill was crucial for helping students suffering from ailments such as epilepsy for which MMJ can help. “The bill is proposed at students for whom medicinal cannabis is the only medication that works. So that they can take their dosage at school without being displaced from campus and without disrupting their educational routine or that of their classmates.” Hill added further. 

But Scott Chipman of Americans Against Legalizing Marijuana has some other views. According to him, the bill is an unnecessary stunt. He noted on the fact that the Food and Drug Administration has already approved the herb for epilepsy that is consumed in the morning and evening. And said- there is certainly no reason students can’t get their dosage out of academic hours.

Jackie Goldberg, Los Angeles Unified School District board member, said that she supports the enactment; and would support allowing parents to administer medical marijuana to their kids on campus. Also, I will request the district’s health administrators for creating a policy for getting an instant recommendation by MMJ doctor San Francisco – she added. 

Although few have appraised the new law, most republican lawmakers opposed it. The reason being –  they think that it would lead to drug abuse. Apart from these, the California Police Chiefs Association also opposes the bill. They said – one of their main priorities is to prevent any youth (under 21) from accessing cannabis products.

Final Thoughts

There are only predictions in the air that how things will turn out after the law get effectual. Whereas on one side, it seems favorable for students like JoJo; on the other hand, we can’t ignore the possibilities of drug abuse. The time and stats will tell that the decision is a boon or a curse. As if for now, the positive effects of medical cannabis have overshadowed the herb’s dark side (which is literally small). But let’s save it for some other day. 

Anyway, coming back to the topic, to get the benefit of this new law, students must have a valid medical recommendation. This rule is as per San Francisco marijuana regulations. We can help you to get an instant recommendation. Fill out the “contact us” form to start your process and get your letter from MMJ doctor San Francisco, TODAY!. 

Reference: The Los Angeles Times

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