People Are Drawn to Medical Cannabis Recommendation- A Study

People Are Drawn to Medical Cannabis Recommendation- A Study

Vaping kills a 15-year old in Texas- The New York Times. Millions are driving while high- A World Report U.S. News. These are only a few headlines of thousands of other news or online articles published every day. The majority of the media mostly highlights marijuana as the “evil” who can affect the entire humanity. Furthermore, government agencies also focus on portraying the plant as the “bad man.” Many assume medical cannabis recommendations as a way to access cannabis for its “high” more than its therapeutic benefits. 

A National Survey of Marijuana Use Among US Adults With Medical Conditions

The study published in JAMA Network in 2019 found that more than twice cannabis users were using marijuana as a part of their healthcare rather than recreationally. It found that more than 40% of people use cannabis because they wish to get rid of one or all the symptoms of their medical condition. The users were using it mostly for managing a range of illnesses such as respiratory conditions, cancer, or depression. 

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As per the scientists, the use of marijuana-use decreased with age even if they had medical conditions. However, the chances are that the older population or the baby boomers might start using it for their medical issues since the perception of marijuana is changing every passing day. 

They found that more than 160,000 men and women used cannabis for managing chronic pain, cancer, depression, or respiratory conditions. It’s like ringing a bell and saying that “we are using marijuana for our medical problem.” As if hundreds and thousands of patients are requesting government officials to approve government funding for cannabis. Who knows one could find a potential medicine for a handful of debilitating conditions such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, cachexia, Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s? 

Medical Cannabis- The Future of Medicine

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently granted $3 million for nine research projects to understanding the pain-relieving effects of marijuana. However, these studies would emphasize on the CBD remedies rather than THC. They are hypocritical as THC does not only induce euphoria; it could be a potential therapeutic agent for managing several medical conditions. 

Unfortunately, most of the government agencies are focusing on its so-called side effects more than the health benefits it has to offer. Precisely why now doctors are also advocating its use with a medical marijuana recommendation. Also, one can control the side effects by making people aware of the dosage or medicinal strains suitable for their condition. A simple modification can turn a nightmare into a bliss. 

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Key Takeaways

One of the doctors stood up and said that there is nothing like medical marijuana. It’s a drug with potential side effects. Well, more than 90% of conventional medications have the same issues. Did we stop using them? No, we just started recommending their doses to lower the potential side effects. That’s how it needs to be done with medical marijuana as well. 

Patients should use this medication with a medical cannabis recommendation, especially if they have worn out all their options. With medical marijuana, at least, there is hope. Otherwise, patients with debilitating conditions have no other choice but to count the number of days they have left. 

Also, until and unless you have any scientific proof that medical marijuana could be dangerous, there is no use of blurting out such big words. Give the right to investigate about this plant. Who knows it might be the future of medicare? Until then, you can find a suitable doctor by searching for “420 evaluations near me” and see if marijuana could be of any help for your medical condition. 


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