Buzz Around Medical Cannabis And Pregnancy

Buzz Around Medical Cannabis And Pregnancy

Lindsay Hoppe – a blogger from Sacramento Californa, had experienced constant nausea and vomiting throughout her first two pregnancies. During her third, a friend suggested that eating small amounts of cannabis-infused wafers can be helpful. And it did actually help. Her child is ten now and has not experienced any health problems to date.


However, Shakira, a housemaker from Florida, thinks that smoking marijuana during her pregnancy had to do something with her daughter born prematurely. On the other hand, Jackie Mc Guire from San Francisco Bay Area says – vaporizing MMJ flower helped her to alleviate nausea and lack of appetite during her pregnancy.


Clearly, there is a buzz surrounding marijuana and pregnancy. To clear up the confusion, we had MMJ Doctors in San Francisco answer some general questions about it

Can Cannabis Reach a Fetus?

Can Cannabis Reach a Fetus?

If you intake cannabis in any form during pregnancy, it likely will reach the fetus. Cannabinoids cross easily through the placental barrier with the blood. Talking about safety, many factors like the method of administration, the dose, and the parent’s genetics – all affect the safety of cannabis usage during pregnancy.


Dr. Joseph J. Morgan, a Cannabis education professor at the University of the Sciences, recommends first talking to an obstetrician-gynecologist (OB/GYN) if you’re thinking of using cannabis while pregnant. 

Does MMJ Help Women in Dealing With Certain Ailments During Pregnancy?

Women have ingested medical cannabis to stimulate appetite, to alleviate nausea and vomiting correlated with morning sickness; and to calm their anxiety. Whereas some studies prove these benefits, others discourage cannabis use during pregnancy for its risks to fetal development.


However, the safest way is to stop using marijuana altogether once you get pregnant. As per the guidelines of the American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology, women who are pregnant should be encouraged to discontinue marijuana usage because of the adverse effects of smoking like fetal exposure.


Also, one should avoid smoking marijuana during the postnatal period to prevent secondhand exposure. Yet for nausea and other ailments; you can consult with your marijuana doctor san Francisco about having other cannabis-infused snacks.

Why Might Someone use Cannabis During Pregnancy?

There are various purposes for which people use marijuana during pregnancy. Mostly these include relief from nausea, reduction of pain and spasms, improvement in sleep, and stabilizing appetite. Moreover, if you’re using a medication that is dangerous during pregnancy, sometimes substituting it with MMJ prevent certain complications.


As per the stats of a study in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, over 92% of 40 women who used MMJ for nausea during pregnancy found it helpful. Nevertheless, many physicians said that there were issues with the design of this study. And any advantages of cannabis for pregnant people should be weighed against the risks.


Please Note: This article outlines the buzz around medical cannabis use and pregnancy. It is never intended to be read as medical advice or recommendation. Always consult with a trusted medical professional to get the most suitable treatment for you and your child.  


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