How Long Will You Feel Marijuana In Your System

How Long Will You Feel Marijuana In Your System?

The consumers of medical cannabis always want to be precise with how much weed they consume. If you are also a user of medical marijuana, you want to get ready for your next office visit without feeling “high.” According to qualified and experienced MMJ doctors in San Francisco, there is a wide range of factors that decide the presence of marijuana in your system.

This post will explain every variable to you. But before that, let’s find out what happens when you consume marijuana.

How Does Your Body Absorb Cannabis?

 Your Body Absorb Cannabis

Whether you ingest or smoke cannabis, the cannabinoids ultimate reach your mind from your stomach or lungs. The bloodstream helps in this transportation. During this time, your system separates CBD, THC, and other components of cannabinoids. These components bring the desired medical benefits such as relaxation, calmness, reduced anxiety, improved mood, and a feeling of induced appetite. Surprisingly, it doesn’t take long for your system to absorb and stop the impact of THC. However, this depends on the quantity of THC you consume in the first place. 

Different Factors Coming Together in Cannabis Consumption

Marijuana doctors agree that cannabis absorption depends on the person’s health, type of plant, mode of consumption, and other factors as well. One of the most visible factors is the THC component. Not all kinds of cannabis contain the same quantity of THC. Cannabis with a higher consistency of THC tends to increase the visible impact of feeling “high”. If you smoke a limited amount of marijuana every day, it is better to control its THC component and focus on the high CBD component. 

Apart from that, your body fat and metabolism will also play a decisive factor here. People with high-fat percentages tend to store THC for longer, which increases the period of removal. However, if you exercise and maintain a healthy metabolism, it helps to remove THC from the system faster. All in all, there is no consistency in terms of how long you can expect cannabis to stay in your body. It all changes depending on your lifestyle and health choices. 

Your Consumption Method Will Change The Removal Duration

The presence of cannabis in your physical and mental system will depend on the mode of consumption too. Edibles tend to release their components slowly into your bloodstream, which also increases the removal time. So, you can expect a mild but long-term presence of THC in your body after eating a marijuana brownie.

On the other hand, smoking weed releases THC faster, which also increases the pace of breakdown and absorption. In fact, the THC from smoking weed will take half the time to get out of your system than an edible. Of course, this will depend on the concentration of THC in your herb or edible. 

What About CBD in Your System?

CBD in Your System

CBD supports your body and brain against anxiety, nausea, arthritis, and other conditions. This cannabinoid also follows the same process of impacting your system as THC. CBD takes a similar time period to get out of your system. However, you can increase the removal period of CBD by consuming it daily. 

So, for medical purposes, people use weed with low-concentration THC and high-concentration CBD components. This type of weed builds CBD in higher concentration and boosts recovery from your condition. Consult your doctor to discuss your specific requirements further!

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