MMJ Doctor in San Francisco Recommendations: 3 Ways to Consume Cannabis Other Than Smoking

Let cannabis wiggle the wrist and cast a spell on your condition. But for that you’ll need a magic wand and to get the wand you need to pay a visit the Olivanders. And here the want is a medical marijuana card, and Olivanders is a medical cannabis clinic. So, get consultation from an MMJ doctor in San Francisco and give your condition the best possible treatment.

I just love the plant. The thing is that it is not given enough recognition for the amount of benefits it provides. The herb proves to be therapeutic for people suffering from various conditions, be mental or physical.

So, are you a medical cannabis user?

The beauty of the herb is that you can consume it in different ways. We tend to associate cannabis with smoking. And here we go wrong. There are a number of ways you can consume cannabis and reap its rewards. Want to know about them? Let’s check them out


Suffering from pain or inflammation? Topicals could just be the products at your rescue.

Topicals are balms and lotions that are directly applied over the specific surface of the skin. Great for providing relief from pain and inflammation. These products are really effective when you are looking to find relief from pain in a localized area of skin. Whether suffering from soreness or looking to take care of your skin, these will just be perfect for you.

With majority of 420 doctors in San Francisco recommending these products to the patients suffering from the similar conditions or symptoms as mentioned above, the products appear to be really effective.


Smoking we all know can give your lungs a hard time. And vaporizers could be a great alternative to smoking cannabis. Basically, it’s chemical compounds vaporize at less harmful, lower temperature. Even the taste is better than that when you smoke the flower. The smoke is also not that harmful on your lungs.

They are very easily available. Also, they come at a variety of prices so buy the one that suits your needs and pocket. With expensive vaporizers provide high quality vapor and small hand-held vapes help you get your dose of cannabis on the go.


Another popular form of consuming cannabis. Yes, you can eat it and live the benefits of your favorite plant. Again these products are easily available in any dispensary near you. The sheer variety of cannabis edibles will baffle you. So much so that today, you can find infused cannabis in almost any type of food that calls for butter or oil.

Now, there are somethings you should know about edibles. As they go into you system in an edible form, they take a bit to kick in. Digestive process! So, don’t end up having a lot thinking you are not feeling anything. Also, edibles are potent to psychoactive effects, so brace yourself beforehand to get hit by a heavy punch.

So, which of these will you prefer having?

Yes, smoking is the most common method to consume cannabis but if you are younger than a legal age or very old for that matter or just don’t like to smoke then don’t worry you have multiple options to choose from. And these are just the tip of an iceberg. There are lot more ways to get the benefits of the herb. All you need to do is get 420 evaluations from an MMJ doctor in San Francisco and start your medical cannabis treatment.

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3 Ways to Consume Cannabis recommended by MMJ doctor in San Francisco
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3 Ways to Consume Cannabis recommended by MMJ doctor in San Francisco
Don’t fancy smoking? Don’t worry! There are other ways you can consume cannabis. First, get evaluated by an MMJ doctor in San Francisco and learn more.
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