Medical Marijuana is Becoming Popular Among Baby Boomers. Is it Good or Bad?

Medical Marijuana is Becoming Popular Among Baby Boomers. Is it Good or Bad?

Imagine your dad talking about using a new medical marijuana product that you were unaware of. It would be surprising for many as seniors have always remained skeptical about marijuana. But, the last few years have seen a breakthrough concerning the use of marijuana as a medical aid. MMJ doctors in San Francisco also confirm to this changing dynamics. 

In fact, as per the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, more than 9% of adults within the age of 50 and 64 and around 3% adults above the age of 65 years have been found to use cannabis. Baby boomers are moving ahead with the ongoing cannabis trends. The increase of cannabis culture among seniors has grown approximately 250% until today. They are turning to this natural therapy to relieve pain, insomnia, or appetite issues. 

Research Supports Cannabis Use in Seniors. Here’s How?

Many studies and research reviews point to the fact that more than 65% of adults experience symptomatic relief. The findings implied that seniors could use marijuana for pain, comfort, or sleep. Some found a notable decrease in the anxiety and neuropathy levels. More than 30% of consumers saw a reduction in the use of opioid pain medication. 

The findings also confirmed that seniors above the age of 75 were able to improve symptoms like anxiety and chronic pain. And it was tolerable and had significant efficacy in managing almost every medical health condition. A lot of research is ongoing and working on establishing medical marijuana as a therapeutic aid for balancing issues and drowsiness. A study conducted by a University in Israel revealed that cannabis therapy could be a potential aid for chronic pain in patients above the age of 65 or older without any adverse effects. 

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Even MMJ doctors in San Francisco suggest adults with issues such as dementia, Parkinson’s, or related disorders to use cannabis as an adjunct therapy and see the change by themselves. After all, medical marijuana’s success rate in a wide range of health conditions is growing tremendously. 

Benefits of Medical Marijuana in Seniors

It is not a surprising fact that Alzheimer’s is the most common disorder, with more than 4 million Americans suffering from this condition. Other than that, seniors are mostly affected by gut disorders or issues involving chronic pain, inflammation, or related symptoms. And somehow, medical marijuana fits perfectly in this picture. 

Various scientific and anecdotal studies confirmed that medical cannabis provides the following therapeutic properties. These include analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-emetic, anti-seizure, immunosuppressant, immune booster, antidepressant, sleep aid, appetite stimulant, antioxidant, and many more. So, whether you have a simple pain or any debilitating condition, you can easily rely on medical marijuana. 

How to Consume Medical Marijuana?

Smoking cannabis might not be a feasible consumption method for consumption. Companies are coming up with different medical marijuana inventions now and then. Sometimes it confuses the Millenials as well. So, if you are trying to start your cannabis journey and are unable to find what’s best for you, the following consumption methods might seem compelling. 

Firstly, although smoking might not be a good option, if you are a smoker, you can consume cannabis flowers using a pre-rolled joint or a pipe. Otherwise, you can go to vaping where you won’t have to worry about the lungs as you can easily avoid carcinogenic ingredients. Then, there is a variety of cannabis concentrates available in the market where a small amount of marijuana would achieve the best medicinal effects. 

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How to Consume Medical Marijuana?

You can also look for edibles or sublingual methods of consumption to achieve the desired therapeutic action. Then comes topicals or transdermal patches that have the advantage of discretion. They will target a specific location to carry out their medicinal effects. However, to use any of the methods, you must have a medical marijuana card recommended by MMJ doctors in San Francisco.

Bottom Line 

There is no way that one can take away the title of medical marijuana as a healthcare aid. Unless there is substantial research evidence that shows otherwise, it is natural for everyone, including seniors, to use cannabis for relieving their medical condition. However, one needs to talk to MMJ doctors in San Francisco and avoid any self-medication. That’s how you can benefit the most from this nature’s wonder drug. 

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