The Ultimate Guide To Transdermal Patches For Medical Marijuana Users

The Ultimate Guide To Transdermal Patches For Medical Marijuana Users

The world of cannabis is evolving at an unprecedented speed. Transdermal patches are a unique form of medical marijuana consumption where you don’t need to inhale or ingest cannabis to feel its effects. In fact, you don’t even have to touch a cannabis flower to ingest this medication.  

If you look at research and anecdotal evidence, targeted treatment works best for people suffering from a variety of medical conditions. Innovative ingestion methods are the future of cannabis. The market is now flooded with vape bags, edibles, and cartridge pens, creating endless options for the user.

Transdermal patches are self-adhesive cannabis doses. This means that your medication releases directly into your bloodstream. So, what is the deal with transdermal patches, we have compiled the information below. But before you try them out, ensure you get a medical marijuana card as that is the only way that you can get a Cannabis transdermal patch. 

What Is A Transdermal Patch?

Transdermal Patch

This is a unique form of using cannabis. Patches generally have been used to administer different substances for about 40 years. But cannabis transdermal patches are still relatively new to enter the cannabis line of products. Way back in 1979 when cannabis was not even legal, the FDA decided to approve the first transdermal patch containing scopolamine for motion sickness.  In 1991 came the most famous transdermal patch in existence i.e. the nicotine patch to help people kick the nicotine habit.

Transdermal patches come in a vast array of cannabinoid options. You can take isolated cannabinoids like CBD, THC, CBN, THCA or split ratios like 1:1 CBD: THC. You have the power to choose a patch based on what you want the final effects to be. If you want to reduce inflammation then CBD is the best option, if insomnia is the issue then CBN works the best. All cannabinoids are tailor-made to induce a wide range of medical effects. 

They are useful for both night and day relief, As the cannabinoid is slowly released in your bloodstream throughout the period of use. This is perfect for people who feel that the effects of smoking and vaping wear off a little too quickly. 

Effects Of Transdermal Patches

As you must have figured out transdermal patches are not a one size fits all kind of medication. There are various effects offered by each isolated and ratio cannabinoid patch. Some of the effects offered are:

  • Sleep 
  • Relaxation 
  • Pain relief 
  • Reduced inflammation 

One of the biggest advantages of using a transdermal patch is the subtlety it offers. These flesh-colored patches are directly placed onto the body and remain hidden under clothes. As they are out of sight, the experience of the medicine can be taken anywhere at any time. 

How Do Transdermal Patches Work 

It is very easy to use a transdermal patch for cannabis treatment. All you have to do is find a venous area of your body, unwrap the packaging and stick it on the skin. But do ensure you are very careful about reading the directions that would have come with your patch. Even though the application process is pretty simple there is still a science attached to a transdermal patch that makes it as effective as it is considered to be. 

Each patch has an additive included in it along with the expected cannabis medicine. This additive is called a permeation enhancer. When you apply the patch to the skin, this permeation enhancer helps the cannabinoid transfer from the patch into the bloodstream. The skin acts as a barrier against toxins and other contaminants and so these permeation enhancers are required to bypass the skin and reach the bloodstream.

In the end, you have controlled, doses of medical marijuana entering your bloodstream that help you control the amount you are consuming. 

Benefits of Transdermal Patches 

Since it is a unique way to consume the required cannabis medication, it comes with a variety of medicating advantages that other ingestion methods are severely lacking, including but not limited to;

  • Quick-release into the bloodstream
  • Slow time-release methodology
  • It bypasses the liver completely, preventing the production of any THC metabolites 
  • You get to enjoy pure cannabinoids and terpenes 
  • The absorption rate is much quicker 
  • It is a completely benign way of administering cannabis
  • There is no spike in THC, thus most of the adverse effects are mitigated 
  • Less of a euphoric experience 

It is often said that using a patch is just like smoking at a much slower rate. You get to experience all the benefits of consuming cannabis while you get to avoid most of the adverse side effects of smoking like inhalation of irritant particles.

Conditions That Are Helped By Transdermal Patches 

Since most transdermal patches are specifically designed to focus on one particular kind of a cannabinoid or to impart a certain effect in the patient, they are the treatment option for the future. The hope is to see transdermal patches for all kinds of conditions soon. However, right now these small patches have certain specific disorders that they effectively help treat. 

There are several options you can choose from when you are trying to pick the right patch for yourself. If you are searching for something specific then you need to have a basic idea of what symptoms and disorders they are useful for treating, The standard options are :

CBD Patches 

Inflammation, joint issues, pain, anxiety, muscle spasms 

CBN Patches 

Sleep aid, appetite suppressant 

THC-A Patches 

Pain relief without the high associated with THC 

THC Patches 

Appetite loss, muscle spasm, pain

Side Effects Of  A Transdermal Patch

There are not too many side-effects associated with a transdermal patch. This is because the cannabinoid is delivered very slowly over a long period of time instead of all in one go. 

Some common side effects are: 

Dry Mouth 

This is the most commonly reported issue with a patch is the experience of dry mouth. But when there are so many issues you are already dealing with, dry mouth seems like a very small issue to deal with in the wider scope.

Interaction Issues

This is the only other known side effect of transdermal patches. Since the research into transdermal patches is still in its beginning stages there isn’t much clarity regarding if or not a patch makes the other less effective. 

Until and unless you are using pills for your condition figuring out accurate dosage might be a little difficult. Edibles are great but dosing is a strong drawback when one is consuming them. Let’s not even get started on how random smoking is when you want a dosage from it, But with a patch, all those problems can rest. The only way to know for sure is to try them out. Plus, there is no downside to trying them out, You won’t get high and there are no discernable side effects either.

They are a truly revolutionary form of medicating in the world of medical cannabis and with a long list of benefits that they give people, it is natural that people of all ages are gravitating towards it is a viable alternative to the traditional consumption methods in markets across the country.

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