Is it Safe to Use Cannabis if You Are Sick

Is it Safe to Use Cannabis if You Are Sick?

Who knew 2020 would start with no public cannabis celebrations or an uncertain cannabis future? In fact, April 20, 2020, the year of “four 20s” would be remembered as a historic event for different reasons altogether. And in the middle of all that, if you fall sick with coronavirus, the feelings would be no good. Strangely, the virus is quite selective. Not everyone infected with the COVID-19 shows symptoms. It’s hard to say sometimes. At this point, you realize, Oh!! I already have my MMJ evaluations. What next?

  • Should I buy stock cannabis? 
  • Should I completely get rid of my stash? 
  • Should I smoke cannabis?
  • Should I switch to other consumption methods?

To be honest. No one knows about this. It’s because there is no scientific evidence. So, any suggestions “in favor” or “against” the plant would be based on anecdotal facts or mere guesswork. For the first time, it dawns upon you. Are you supposed to do it or not? Let’s take a closer look at every fact available and help you decide accordingly. 

Cannabis And Coronavirus- What You Need to Know?

Cannabis And Coronavirus- What You Need to Know?

Medical cannabis offers a multitude of health benefits. There is no doubt about that. But, can anyone confirm the same when it comes to curing coronavirus? Well, a few companies are busy promoting their brands amid the chaos to cash in this opportunity. For instance, Ex-NFL Star, Kyle Turley’s company, Neuro XPF, dedicated an entire page for the cause. Imagine the headline was “Crush Corona.” They also included that CBD can help you with managing your immunity. 

Well, it could be true. But, without any trials, saying that out loud would create another panic reaction among people. All we know for sure is what cannabis has already done. And this article will talk about those aspects to help you with your choices. So, let’s get down to it and help solve some common queries. 

Should I Smoke Cannabis When I am Sick? 

Thousands of people use medical marijuana to relieve a variety of symptoms starting from chronic pain to severely debilitating conditions. But smoking, even when you are not sick, would always be a bad idea. You must understand that coronavirus primarily attacks the respiratory system of an individual. And that results in symptoms like cough, chest pain, or breathing troubles. 

Guess what?

Smoking is an inhalation practice that involves the lungs. Simultaneously, doing so will damage your airways’ epithelium that could result in enhanced mucus production. That’s not all. The entire process of inhaling particulate matter might also cause a loss in the ciliated epithelial cells, which further result in the pooling of your airways with mucus. So, if you are sick with coronavirus, continuing with smoking cannabis would be a bad idea. 

But wait, there’s more…

Half of the cannabis users would find themselves in a jiffy to switch to vaping. Hang on!! That’s not what we meant. What we implied was that any inhalation procedure at this moment would end you with similar results. It won’t matter whether you were smoking or vaping. 

Therefore, it’s a request, whether you are sick or not, leaving inhalation techniques aside would be a better choice for you. You can use your MMJ evaluations for choosing healthier cannabis products. 

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Should I go For Other Cannabis Products if I am Sick?

Undoubtedly medical marijuana is a useful asset when it comes to symptom management. And you can continue using it like any other medicine. Again, let me be completely honest here. You won’t find any evidence that using cannabis will make your condition better or worse. We already mentioned coronavirus is highly selective. There are hundreds of cases where the patients were infected but showed no symptoms. And continued using cannabis. 

But, as we all are well aware that no two people are the same. And so is their metabolism. So, what worked for them, might not end the same for you. Therefore, it would be entirely your choice if you want to go ahead with it. Meanwhile, if you decide to stick with cannabis, go for the options that will give your lungs a break. And that’s how edibles, tinctures, sublingual, topicals, and transdermal products come into the picture. 

Quite evidently, if you are already using cannabis to manage your health, you can continue using cannabis. However, prefer the ones that will ensure harm reduction without compromising your respiratory system. If you don’t have any idea, consulting 420 doctors providing MMJ evaluations would be a great choice. 

The Result?

By and large, researchers believe that if you use cannabis, it won’t affect you. But, hang on a minute. Make no mistake about it. The bottom line is this, “it’s entirely your choice if you go ahead with using cannabis after being infected with the coronavirus.” 

The odds are without even knowing all this; you might be still using cannabis. And it might be helping you more than making your situation worse. Having said that, one thing’s for sure that the use of marijuana is not limited to the management of physical symptoms. 

What’s more? Let me explain. 

Unlock The Power of Cannabis to Make You Stress-free

Think about this for a moment. You are down with fever. What makes your condition go awry? Of course, the physical ailments do take the credit. However, your mental health stability also takes part in making you feel better quickly. Admit it. Similarly, the fear of the unknown is exposing the people down with COVID-19 into a shock. And that’s making the virus much more devastating. 

By now, you’ll be wondering, how does medical marijuana fit this puzzle? Let me help you with that again. 

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How Does Medical Marijuana Help You With Anxiety?

Stress can rob your peace of mind. Unlike what you might feel, it can degrade your ability to function correctly. Precisely, that’s why people are unable to focus and concentrate on better things amid the global pandemic. All they can think about is “what if they get infected?” Or “will I die because of COVID-19?” 

Well, no one can predict that. But, god forbid if you get sick, things might turn worse, especially if you will be under self-isolation. So, whether you are under lockdown, or are down with the viral infection, you need to keep a check on your stress levels. Anything out of the ordinary will hamper your overall health. 

Guess what?

Cannabis helps you to unwind and relax. Hence, it will help you to relieve stress. You can look for CBD products as they have stress-busting properties. Plus, its anti-inflammatory action will help you to keep the swelling or other types of inflammation under control. It’s a well-known fact that cannabis works best as an adjunct. 

Let’s get to the point.

Medical cannabis interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system that happens to control mood changes and anxiety reactions. So, it will induce the cascade of responses that will enhance the production of serotonin or anandamide. Either way, it will produce a happy mood that will stabilize your fears. That way, it will help you recover fast. 

But, as I said before, there are no available studies as of now. Scientists are still decoding its effects during the COVID-19 infection. Then again, the choice is all yours. 

Let’s Recap

Insisting on sticking with your older routine would be a mistake. One must adapt to the ongoing pandemic. To begin with, stop smoking or vaping cannabis. And if you are down with coronavirus infection, make it a point to end smoking cannabis as soon as possible. But, since, that seems an unreasonable request no matter what anyone says. So, if you are unable to quit cannabis, the least you can do is opt for healthier options. However, consulting a medical marijuana doctor providing MMJ evaluations would be a better idea to end all your doubts for once and all. 

Now, it’s your turn. Take the next step and schedule an appointment for online doctor consultations and clear all your doubts. This way you can avoid the exposure. And in case you are infected with the virus, you can prevent others from getting infected. 

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