How to Safely Vape By Marijuana Doctor San Francisco

How to Safely Vape By Marijuana Doctor San Francisco

Vaping is supposed to be the safer alternative to smoking weed, right? Then, what is all the news you have been hearing about vaping causing health risks? This is the question on everyone’s mind these days. 

And the answer to this is hidden in between the right way and the wrong way of vaping marijuana. While the wrong methods are causing problems, the right way can improve your health. Here are some suggestions by Marijuana Doctor San Francisco on this topic. 

Stay Away From Fake Marijuana Vapes

There is a surge in the market of fake vape pens. Market experts realize the problem of vape pens that are mere knockoffs. You need to avoid getting marijuana vapes from the street or any other suspicious resource. The cannabis vape has to be legit in terms of quality. 

How to Pick High-Quality Cannabis



Cured and dried marijuana buds have been giving medicinal benefits for ages. And, you can find vape options for the same purpose as well. You will require a high-quality, specially created vape device to manage dry herb. However, these devices will combust your bud like a joint. This is due to the high burning point of marijuana. 


Concentrates are more popular cannabis choice for vaping. These include shatter, wax, and oil-containing essential cannabinoids like CBD and/or THC. For non-psychoactive properties, you can choose a CBD concentrate to vape. Even a small amount will go for a long time. However, your source of buying concentrates has to be legit and reliable. Only then, you can ensure the quality of concentrate. 


Tinctures should be your first choice if you have just started vaping marijuana. Tinctures are sometimes called vape juice or e-liquids. They have thinner concentration than oils. After picking the best-suited type of marijuana, you need to choose your device.

Select The Right Vape Device 

How to Safely Vape By Marijuana Doctor San Francisco

For every different type of marijuana, you will need a specific type of vape device. Majorly, you can find these vape devices out there-

Tabletop unit

Disposable vaping pens

Pre-filled cartridge 

Refillable vapes

Making the right selection here is important. You should find a legit provider who can guide you through the selection process. 

Make Your Dosage Wisely

Two significant components you need to consider are- CBD and THC. Both of these components are found in marijuana. Most of the properties are similar, except for the psychoactive nature of THC. CBD doesn’t get you “high” like THC. You have to be careful while choosing your dosage. You can add too much THC or too little CBD in your dosage. 

With a high concentration of THC, you will feel too high. And, being “too high” is not suitable for anyone’s physical or mental health. With very little concentration of CBD, you won’t receive the health benefits you desire from vaping. So, ask an expert at a legit store to help you choose a perfect dosage of CBD and THC for vaping. 

Enjoy Safe Vaping

After covering all the variables, you can feel free about the quality and safety of your vape. It is all about keeping things simple and focusing on quality. You will discover quality products by investigating correctly before buying. Marijuana doctor San Francisco suggests using different ways to use medical cannabis alongside the vaping. You can apply it to your skin, inhale it or can even ingest it. 

But, they also said that the best option to consume it is through vaping. Just stay away from confusing or suspicious vaporizers and pick your cannabis products wisely. This will give you the kind of experience and benefits you are looking for. 


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