6 Ways to Avoid Buying Moldy Weed

6 Ways to Avoid Buying Moldy Weed

Nothing ruins your mood more than moldy weed. You can feel the change in the flavor, smell, and the potency of the strain you buy- nothing good, of course. Apart from experience, moldy weed can also impact your health with some severe issues. There are two ubiquitous marijuana molds:

  • Aspergillus
  • Botrytis cinerea (also known as bud rot)

No need to say that your marijuana should be free from any type of mold. To make sure, you should be aware of how these molds appear on the grass. Common reasons behind this are high humidity around marijuana plants, low airflow storage of weed, and the high temperature of the storage environment.

Additionally, you can follow these six ways to check for mold in your buds effectively:

Carefully Examine 

According to marijuana doctor San Francisco, the easiest way you can find out the quality of your bud. Examine with your eyes to find the common mold growth signs. These signs may include:

  • Powdery appearance
  • Cobweb-looking material
  • Dark spots
  • Grey fuzz
  • Yellow fuzz
  • Slime

If you find any of the signs mentioned above, then, you have moldy marijuana in front of you.

Smell Your Pot

Smelling your weed can be tricky, as marijuana can have a wide range of aromas- from the scent of sweet berries to motor fuel. The trick is to search for urine or sweat-like aroma. These uneasy smells are created due to the development of mold on your bud. The stronger the smell, the higher mold concentration you can expect on that bud. 

That being said, it might be not the right approach if you are a sensitive sniffer. Then, you will probably smell weed fragrance more, even with the presence of mold. Moreover, some types of mold product smell only after reaching a mature state. 


When you touch a healthy marijuana bud, it feels crispy and dry. But, if you feel that your bud is spongy or damp, then, it is most likely moldy. So, you can touch and rub with your thumb and fingers to feel the properties of a bud.

Use a Microscope if Possible

Use a Microscope if Possible

Seeing, smelling, and feeling are the most basic and effective ways to detect mold on marijuana. However, you might need some practice to master these techniques. But, if you have a microscope, you can dig deeper to find the very first trace of mold. Even a sturdy magnifying glass will help a lot in analyzing marijuana. Mold structures will look completely different than any part of a marijuana plant. So, you will quickly recognize them. 

Look For Recalls

The best way to avoid buying moldy weed is by choosing the right seller. You can check websites and read reviews to find out if a seller has been accused of having dank weed. 

More effectively, you can check the expertise and reputation of a dispensary to ensure the quality of weed they sell. 

Check The Packaging

When buying marijuana, make sure it is in airtight packaging. The package should be humidity-proof and lightproof as well. Also, the environment of the store should provide the right temperature and other conditions for the health of your buds. 

With these six methods, you can feel assured about the quality of marijuana you get. And when you bring it home, keep the buds stored in a box, away from sunlight and moisture. 


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