Medical Marijuana For Brain Injuries

Medical Marijuana For Brain Injuries?

Medical marijuana for brain injuries? Or 420 evaluations in San Francisco for TB1 patients? Who knew it could become a hope for more than 1 million traumatic brain injury patients? Despite the age-old stereotypes, researchers believe that marijuana can help brain healing and can protect it from aging and other injuries. 

You would be surprised to know that deterioration rates of any traumatic brain injury patients are about three times more than any other type of injuries. It often results in a number of pathophysiological events such as cell death, excitotoxicity, neuroinflammation, or cerebrovascular breakdown. All of this often impacts the quality of life of such patients by affecting their physical, cognitive, or psychological balances. But, how does marijuana help with the healing part? Is it even possible? Let’s talk about such queries in the next section of this article. 

How Does Cannabis Prevent Further Brain Damage?

Everything related to medical marijuana is linked to one of the primary systems in the body — endocannabinoid or EC system. Medical marijuana interacts with the endocannabinoid system, primarily, CB1 and CB2 receptors. Interacting with these receptors activates the ability of the system to reduce the production of glutamate. And all of this helps in reducing the side effects of glutamate following any type of brain trauma. 

What is The Mechanism of Action For Alleviating Symptoms Related to Brain Injuries?

Medical cannabis acts against brain damage using several modes of action. Let’s look at them one-by-one. 

Medical Marijuana Manages TBI Symptoms Effectively

TBI comprises of a range of symptoms including memory loss, anxiety, and insomnia. Experts and researchers confirm the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana for a wide range of symptoms such as seizures and a number of psychological issues. In addition to these symptoms, medical cannabis effectively reduces pain associated with the injury with no issues of potential overdoses or addiction. 

A survey conducted in 2017 concluded that cannabis medication therapy was a preferred choice for patients over prescription medications for the management of a wide range of symptoms.

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Medical Marijuana Enhances Neuroprotection

Research, as well as many specialists providing  420 Evaluations in San Francisco advocate that natural endocannabinoids protect your body against any form of sudden attack, shock, or any form of traumatic brain injury. So, medical cannabis uses the same mode of action for protection against TBI. 

Cannabinoids with potent neuroprotection properties will protect the brain cells from stress or shocks. Thereby, boosting the levels of endocannabinoids in the brain. All of this significantly improves recovery outcomes. 

Medical Marijuana Reduces Brain Inflammation

Medical Marijuana Reduces Brain Inflammation

Medical cannabis is known for its exceptional anti-inflammatory action. Various preclinical studies concluded that cannabis is very effective in alleviating brain inflammation. Hence, eventually improving overall motor skills and behavior within 72 hours after the injury.

Medical Marijuana Enhances Bone Healing

 Medical Marijuana Enhances Bone Healing

Bone Healing

During the traumatic brain injury, it’s the skull that gets affected the most. In such situations, medical cannabis shows to be effective for the healing of the skull bones as well. Some of the studies proved that cannabis, especially CBD-dominant cannabis strains causes the bone to heal faster and enhance their strength as well.

Medical Marijuana Protects the Brain Against other Changes 

Medical marijuana will help the brain heal quickly and easily that is fighting against the harmful effects of chronic stress or the aging process. It will help to grow new brain cells in the hippocampal region, thereby reducing the effects of aging significantly.

Other than the above symptoms, medical marijuana has other benefits as well for reducing symptoms associated with brain injuries. Medical cannabis is helpful in reducing the frequent occurrences of nausea. In addition to that, you will be able to ease symptoms such as depression linked to TB1. 

If you think that’s all, medical marijuana is helpful in boosting appetite as well as eating habits. And it will enhance your body’s mood-boosting abilities as well that will eventually help you sleep peacefully without any issues of tremors or pains.

What Are The Medical Cannabis Strains Effective for Brain Healing?

Having 420 Evaluations will help to access the following cannabis strains that might be helpful in providing the desired brain healing. 

Sour Diesel

It is an incredible Sativa strain that will work for headaches, fatigue as well as depression associated with any form of brain injury. 

Blue Cheese Strain

It is a perfect choice of strain if pain and headaches are preventing you from getting a peaceful sleep. It is highly beneficial for nigh-time medication. Thus, helps you to relax as well as unwind from the effects of TBI. 

OG KushOG Kush

OG Kush

It is a hybrid strain with incredible healing properties for patients of TBI. This strain helps in reducing depression, anxiety, as well as, stress with amazing painkilling properties. 

Green Crack

It is a go-strain for patients with any type of brain injuries with issues of concentration, fatigue, stress, or depression. Its medicinal effects are bang-on and will help you focus clearly on a subject without any distractions. It will be your day-time medication to help you heal easily. It will make you feel about yourself. So, if you wish to re-energize yourself again with no painful situations, this must be your strain of choice. 

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Northern Lights

It is one of the most popular strains among patients. It guarantees you relaxation and restful sleep. It is also helpful in numbing your entire body just like a sedative would do, so patients with brain injuries can heal a lot faster using this particular strain easily. Plus, it will mitigate the effects of pain, stress, and lack of appetite as well. 

Key Takeaways

Yes, the research is still in its initial phases, but one can find a lot of patients benefiting from medical marijuana or 420 evaluations in San Francisco. So, if any of your loved ones are facing any after the traumatic effects of a brain injury, medical cannabis can be a lifesaver for them. Just connect with cannabis specialists for obtaining the marijuana card San Francisco right away.


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