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Get A Medical Marijuana Card Online To Access The Socal Cannabis Cup Winning Strains.

This year’s  SoCal cannabis cup had some exciting entries. It concluded with a bang and we have some exciting strains in stock. Wanna grab them? Get your medical marijuana card online and access these strains legally.

Exciting, right?

Surely, it is!

The SoCal Cannabis Cup 2019 featured top vendors, growers, and industry leaders showcasing the best variety of the herb. Every year, this cannabis celebration attracts lots of seasoned enthusiasts to indulge in the relaxing benefits of medical marijuana. It is surely a treat to behold.

So, where are the winners?

Let’s have a round of applause for what follows.


1st Place: Wedding cake

This Indica dominant strain is a cross of Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. The buds produce a sweet earthy scent and give a characteristic soily feel with a tinge of sourness. The sugary flavor will surprise you as it hits your chords with an uplifting high.

The potent strain produces a psychedelic effect and works brilliantly in fighting anxiety and depression.

2nd Place: Whoa Si Whoa

Bred by Top Shelf Cultivation, this Indica dominant strain is loaded with a sweet and minty aroma. It will give you an initial mental boost followed by a relaxing high. Its potent effects are sure to keep you gripped with its effects. It is ideal for treating insomnia, stress, depression, and pain.

3rd Place: Cookie Dough

This strain is popularly being used to treat anxiety, depression, and nausea. Featuring a THC content averaging at 25%, it produces an intense cerebral high. It may prompt you to initiate an exciting conversation while you’re absolutely cool about it.

If these strains excite you, medical marijuana card is a must. Expired? MMJ card renewal is pretty easy. So, no worries!

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1st Place: Insane Gummy Bearz

This Sativa flower produces an energizing high to keep you functioning throughout the day. Its delicious flavor will keep you hooked and in the right mental state.

2nd Place: Orange Juice

This 80/20 Sativa dominant hybrid features a THC content averaging at 19%. Its Sativa lineage ensures that it produces a stimulating high with a flavor of freshly cut oranges.

It will make you mentally alert and bring that creative edge out of you.

3rd Place: Candyland

A cross between Bay Platinum Cookies and Granddaddy Purple, this Sativa dominant strain offers an energizing high. Its THC levels vary between 19% and 24%. Its potent effects ensure that it is more suited for seasoned users rather than beginners.

The typical candy flavor will treat your taste buds with fruity, earthy, and berry sensations. It is a perfect strain for battling anxiety and depression with possible pain-relieving effects too.

Some other honorable mentions

  • Best hybrid flower: Nova Cane
  • Best sun-grown strain: Guava
  • Best pre roll: Banana Indica PreRoll by Golden State Banana

To access these strains, you can get a medical marijuana card online and indulge in the relaxing benefits. The SoCal Cannabis Cup surely drew our attention to some amazing strains. With constant breeding and research, we can surely expect more exciting strains in the future.

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