The Ultimate Guide About Telehealth During Covid-19 Outbreak

The Ultimate Guide About Telehealth During Covid-19 Outbreak

Everyone will be familiar with the word “Covid-19” right now. Of course, because the entire world is under the attack of this deadly virus. But that’s not all. Another term is taking the world by surprise. And that is “Telehealth or Telemedicine.” Even the Trump administration and other public-health officials, including MMJ Doctors suggesting the public to take the virtual route for their prescriptions and regular consultations. 

But, why such a surge in demand for virtual appointments? 

It’s because of the incoming of a deadly virus that is infecting people via droplet transfer during cough or sneezing. So, it’s a one-step down to any airborne infection since no one knows how it started in the first place. Thus, the goal is to keep people with symptoms at home and practice social distancing. 

And guess what!! Telehealth services seem handy in the middle of such a global crisis. So, here are a few frequently asked questions that you must be aware of. Let’s get started.

How Does “Telehealth” Work?

healthcare professionals

healthcare professionals

When you are using any technology such as email, video conferencing, or video chat services like Skype or phones to access medical care remotely, it will fall under “telehealth.” However, the responses shared by the healthcare professionals and your mmj doctor could be real-time using a webcam, or through chats. 

That’s how they will answer your questions and consult you online. This is probably one of the best ways that could help the government reduce the influx of thousands of patients in hospitals or urgent care settings in the middle of a crisis. 

How to Schedule an Appointment Using Telehealth Services?

It’s pretty simple. You can check your healthcare provider’s website on the process of using telehealth services. We, as an advanced healthcare provider, are using this technology to the patients requiring medical recommendations. 

However, you can also use sites such as Amwell, PlushCare, MD Live for virtual visits. However, since we are in the middle of a crisis, you might experience longer wait times. 

How Much Does it Cost?

Well, this depends. Insurance plans might cover telehealth if it is provided directly by your doctor or hospital. But, not every insurance provider is offering similar services. So, you might have to pay for services out-of-your pocket. It could be anything between $50 to $80

But, as per recent declarations, Medicare might be waiving or reducing cost-sharing amounts.

Is Telehealth Secure?

Ideally, anyone using telehealth services needs to follow guidelines issued by HIPAA. However, during the Covid-19 crisis, some of the enforcements have been waived off. Especially if the healthcare providers are operating in good faith, you can confirm from your providers about security features such as encrypted data transmission. 

Do Telehealth Providers Have Any Authority For Writing Prescriptions?

Doctors can send prescriptions directly to your local pharmacy without any issues using this technology. Although they can test individuals for Covid-19 but they can help identify who must go for lab tests. A lot of doctors are now using this practice since it’s impossible to go for every in-visit consultations. 

Final Thoughts 

Everyone is talking about using technology in this situation of crisis. However, telehealth is a means to screen patients and find the ones who might be suffering from the infection. It will offer you self-care, self-quarantine tips, educate you when to see a doctor at a hospital. That’s a way to reduce the burden on the hospitals who are working day and night to treat the Covid-19 positive patients. 

The same technology can be used to talk to an MMJ doctor for your medical recommendations as well. 

Remember: Practice social distancing and go online in times of medical emergency.

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