MMJ doctor in San Francisco suggests cannabis sublingual strips. Have you tried it yet!

MMJ Doctor In San Francisco Suggests Cannabis Sublingual Strips. Have You Tried It Yet!

The patients in the past few years have been introduced to a seemingly wide variety of canna-products. They range from vape, tinctures to balms. The less you delve into the canna-business, the more unaware you are about the products that can treat your condition instantly. One of them is the cannabis sublingual strip. An MMJ doctor in San Francisco and the doctors of various other states in America recommend different products to treat several health-related conditions. 

Perhaps it is safe to say that the evolution in the cannabis industry has given rise to many products. Today, through this write-up we will bring forth another useful yet new product. It is called the sublingual strip. Let’s read below and find out what this product is all about. 

What is a cannabis sublingual strip?

Sublingual strips come in small packaging with precisely described information. There are THC and CBD rich strips for different conditions. For example, if you need to relax, a CBD rich strip will help you relax without causing any side effects. On the other hand, THC strips will help you re-energize your spirits. 

Additionally, these strips are available in different flavors, and they can instantly relieve you of excessive pain. So this strip can be termed as a marijuana-induced paper that helps treat pain, anxiety, and several other conditions. Even an MMJ doctor in San Francisco will recommend sublingual strips. 

The moment you place the strip on your tongue, the paper will combine with the enzymes in your saliva to cause a chemical reaction. As a result, you will feel calm, on top of the world, and relieved. All the positive reactions depend on the type of strain you are consuming.  

How does the strip work?

The big reason why these strips are gaining popularity – they are consistent, fast and provide instant relief. One more reason for their popularity is that their size is concise. In turn, the quantity of cannabis on the strips is appropriate. The danger of overdose naturally diminishes. 

Additionally, the strips come in different flavors. The flavors come in various combinations. Those combinations are mango and turmeric, watermelon and basil, etc. The attractive factor about these strips is that they are vegan, sugar-free, and each package comes in three separate dosing tiers. Starting from 5mg, 10mg to 20 mg. 

As soon as you place the strip on the tongue it will only stay in contact with the saliva. You can say that it does not enter the digestive tract or the gastrointestinal system. A system where everything is broken down into small pieces. Similarly, if cannabis is consumed in other forms, the compound called delta-9 THC gets converted with the help of enzymes into 11-hydroxy THC. 

11-hydroxy is a psychoactive compound. The moment this conversion takes place an individual will feel high. This is one reason why strips are safe and health-friendly. On the other hand, a strip will directly mix with the bloodstream and you will get a pure delta-9 experience. 

You need to also remember that you have to keep the strip under your tongue because it is not a mouth freshener. This act will help the membrane under the tongue come in direct contact with the strip. 

So, keep the strip under your tongue for five minutes and you will be good to go. 

To try the sublingual strip you can get a consultation from an MMJ doctor in San Francisco. If your condition qualifies and the doctor recommends these strips. Do let us know about your experience in the comment section below. But before going we would like to tell you a secret after you buy the strip always store them at room temperature. We hope you experience the best with cannabis sublingual strips.

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