Cannabis Guide For Seniors By MMJ Doctor in San Francisco

A Complete Cannabis Guide For Seniors By MMJ Doctor in San Francisco

Baby boomers, that’s what we call our beloved seniors. But, with cannabis, seniors usually take a step back. However, the last few years have seen a considerable increase in the number of seniors going for mmj evaluations in San Francisco.

They are going on with consuming cannabis for a range of disorders such as anxiety, depression, endocrine disorders, glaucoma, cancer, and other related disorders that are most prevalent in the case of seniors.

But, the mmj doctor in San Francisco suggests the following reasons to be the trigger factor for seniors switching to medical cannabis therapy.

  • Safe and Cost-Effective

Medical marijuana is rightly regarded as one of the safer options when compared with the side effects caused by a range of pharmaceutical drugs such as antipsychotics.

Another reason for seniors turning to medical cannabis is its cost efficiency. A senior spends approximately $3000 per year on buying prescription medications. On the contrary, on an average, a person spends around $650 a year on medical marijuana.

Does that seem a huge cost difference?

Of course!

You can a lot of money when turning to medical cannabis therapy.

  • For the Sake of Trying

Some seniors have to undergo a lot of pain and other debilitating conditions which make it impossible for them to carry on even with their daily activities. This makes them try various cannabis products in search of that ultimate relief.

And, when they actually feel the difference, they want to try it even more. So, this makes them go for mmj evaluations in San Francisco even more.

  • Helps To Get A Good Night Sleep

Often seniors have to go through bad sleep phases. Sometimes due to painful episodes or just because of some symptoms associated with their disorders. They can consume cannabis and just get enough sleep for them to feel refreshed the other day.

Isn’t that amazing?

CBD- A Boon For Seniors

While some elders are still taking a step back from cannabis because of the “high” concept associated with it. The inception of CBD as a medication has tremendously increased the number of seniors switching to cannabis therapy.

They are looking forward to mostly edibles, topicals, and sublingual infused with CBD. It’s just like old school drugs with a touch of CBD. So, they can easily relate to such medications making them open to such options even more.

However, the mmj doctor in San Francisco says that there is more to cannabis which a senior or elderly can explore for a variety of disorders or symptoms that are affecting their life.

Cannabis Guide

While you might think every strain is the same. But, there are two types of strains like indica and sativa. Both can be used for different criteria such as indica for sedation, sativa for uplifting cerebral effects.

And, there are some other strains as well which are a mix of the above two strains. These are often known as hybrid strains.

Consumption Methods You Can Try

  • Cannabis Flower

An actual green bud of the medical cannabis plant. You can use a pipe, bong or a joint. Or go ahead with the pre-rolled joints.

  • Vaping

They might be a bit expensive. But, are incredibly great for instant medicinal benefits.

  • Concentrates

Vape pens that come with pre-rolled cannabis extracts can be used for alleviating a range of symptoms.

  • Edibles

They might have a slow start, but they have the advantage of staying in the system for more than 8 hours. Hence, prolonged medicinal benefits guaranteed.

  • Topicals

They can be used either in creams or lotions, or the best-known patches which can be helpful for target specific medicinal action.

  • Sublingual

These are the best consumption methods as just a few drops under the tongue will be helpful in activating the receptors for therapeutic action.

While there are many ways to get started with cannabis in your age. But, you should understand that the metabolism slows down with aging, so feeling high for a longer period would be an issue in case of medical cannabis.

Also, talk to an mmj doctor in San Francisco about the ongoing medications. It might interfere with cannabis which might cause serious side effects.

And going low and slow with dosing would be the best idea for seniors. Therefore, go for mmj evaluations in San Francisco and get started today.

Incredible Cannabis Guide For Seniors By MMJ Doctor in San Francisco
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Incredible Cannabis Guide For Seniors By MMJ Doctor in San Francisco
Medical cannabis is booming among the baby boomers. MMJ Doctor in San Francisco suggests the ways cannabis should be consumed by the seniors. Read more.
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