How Cannabis Can Help Your Athletic Performance

How‌ ‌Cannabis‌ ‌Can‌ ‌Help‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Athletic‌ ‌ Performance‌

Many states have now legalized cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes, while some more are also considering doing it. Cannabis is getting popular amongst people and they are now choosing medical cannabis over various pharmaceutical medications that have many side effects. Medical cannabis can be used to treat many health conditions and manage the symptoms associated with them. These conditions mainly include cancer, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson’s, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s disease, chronic pain, and more. After simple MMJ evaluations, you can get a medical marijuana card that allows you to buy medical cannabis from a licensed dispensary.

Other than this, many people also use cannabis to boost their athletic performance. Cannabis has become famous among surfers, snowboarders, rock climbers, football stars, mixed-martial arts fighters, football stars, and some of the greatest Olympic athletes too. But, even if you are not a professional athlete, you can still use cannabis for your workout. It not only helps you during your workout but also after your workout session. Just try having a low-dose edible or beverage instead of drinking a post-race beer, you will learn the difference. Cannabis truly is a magical herb that can enhance your athletic performance. 

And when it comes to weight loss, we can confidently say that cannabis has zero calories. So, you can have a low-dose cannabis-infused beverage after your 30-minute jog. So, let’s learn more about why cannabis is beneficial for your athletic performance.

1. Cannabis Can Help in Reducing Inflammation

If you are familiar with the benefits of medical cannabis, then you would know that cannabis can help in reducing inflammation. It is one of the promising areas of cannabis research. CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the main compounds found in cannabis and is known for helping ease inflammation. It is a non-psychoactive compound, which means you will not get high because of CBD. Research also shows that it can help in treating autoimmune conditions like lupus, psoriasis, and Crohn’s disease. 

Many yoga gurus praise cannabis because of its ability of managing pain and inflammation of muscle and connective tissue. Cannabis can also help people recovering from some injury or surgery. In fact, injuries can happen during a workout session too, and cannabis can help in dealing with those injuries too. There are many athletes, who do not like the idea of getting high or smoking cannabis. They can use CBD topicals and tinctures to make use of CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties without getting high or smoking it. You can use topicals and tinctures for locally targeted recovery.

2. It Helps You Stay in the Zone

Are you familiar with the term “runner’s high”? It is something you feel when your endorphins kick in. And exercising with cannabis also offers a similar feeling. The endocannabinoid system can work like endorphins. A study found out the elevated levels of naturally occurring endocannabinoids in the bloodstream of people after high-intensity running. As, just like endorphins can help you in an intense workout, endocannabinoids can also help in increasing your pain threshold to do the same. 

Some studies were done on mice also showed that small doses of THC can help in increasing motor activity. This means, a toke before you start running can give you a little boost in your pace. A French study showed that THC, after hitting the brain, can produce more pregnenolone. Pregnenolone is a precursor chemical to steroids produced by the body. This can help in reducing fatigue and increasing energy.

3. Cannabis Can Help in Easing Muscle Soreness and Pain

Just like its anti-inflammatory properties, cannabis can also be useful in alleviating pain. Cannabis can help people suffering from pain caused by everything that comes under chronic pain and acute pain from muscle spasms. This is the reason why many people are now choosing cannabis over dangerous and habit-forming opiates. 

Do you remember your first day at the gym or your first day of an intense workout session? You must have experienced the soreness and stiffness in your body the following day. CBD can help in reducing that increased stiffness and soreness after a workout session. This allows better flexibility and prime condition the next day. 

4. Cannabis Can Raise Metabolism

A study shows that cannabis can help in raising metabolism, lowering cholesterol, and speeding fat loss. Researchers as the American Journal of Medicine discovered that people who consume cannabis have higher fasting insulin (around 16 percent higher) in their bodies than those who do not consume cannabis. The study also indicated that cannabis consumers have significantly smaller average waist circumferences than the ones who do not consume cannabis. So, you need to pay close attention to your controlled insulin levels if you want more energy and want to lose weight.

5. Cannabis Can Improve Your Sleep Quality

It is one of the biggest benefits of cannabis that it can help in inducing sleep. Studies also show that cannabis can help people suffering sleep apnea. And THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), another main compound found in cannabis, which is responsible for the psychoactive effects associated with cannabis, is known to suppress dreams, which can be very beneficial for people dealing with PTSD. Also, CBD can help in easing REM sleep disorder and fatigue during the daytime.

Everyone is familiar with the importance of sleep when it comes to overall fitness. It can also affect your athletic performance. So, having a good quality sleep is important for you. CBD can also reduce your stress levels, which can result in improved sleep quality and duration.

Another benefit of cannabis is that you can use it as an alternative to traditional sleep medications. These medications can be habit-forming and have some dangerous side-effects. So, it is better for you to choose a much safer and natural sleeping aid in the form of cannabis.

You Need to Find the Right Strain for Yourself

If you are thinking that consuming any cannabis will help you, then you are wrong. There are a lot of cannabis strains and every strain has different effects, so you need to choose a strain according to your needs and after understanding your strain. 

There are mainly two types of strains, Sativa and Indica strains. If you are looking for some motivation for your workout session, a Sativa strain can be a better choice to get some extra boost. And if you are looking for some good quality sleep at night for recovery of your muscle, an Indica can be more useful. Get familiar with your requirements and choose a strain accordingly.

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