420 Doctors Ask Their Patients to Go For This Terpene. Here’s Why

420 Doctors Ask Their Patients to Go For This Terpene. Here’s Why?

Medical marijuana is loaded with incredible cannabinoids. By far, the most talked-about chemical compounds are cannabinoids. The plant itself has a lot of following. But, other compounds of interest might have specific medicinal benefits. 420 doctors point out that terpenes come with a package of aroma, flavors, and therapeutic benefits. The theory is pretty simple. If a molecule targets CB1 or CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system, they will have a role in providing effective medical benefits. 

Beta-caryophyllene- A Terpene For Reducing Anxiety and Depression 

Terpenes provide the aroma and flavors to plants. The difference in the terpene profile makes significant changes in the final flavors. For instance, whether you go for a scent of scent, cheese, or any fruity aroma, thank terpenes for such a fantastic experience. 


But that’s not all. They are compounds that play a critical role in offering several medicinal benefits via entourage and synergistic mechanisms. Many terpenes known found to provide amazing medicinal properties. Terpenes such as beta-caryophyllene (BCP) show a promise as an aid for anxiety and depression disorders.  

It turns out that BCP is not only acting as a flavor or aroma component. Instead, it also has some cannabinoid-like properties. It is capable of making interactions with the endocannabinoid system (via CB2 receptor) and thereby producing various effects that might help enhance the immunity of an individual. Cannabinoids that respond to CB2 receptors can potentially manage conditions such as arthritis, MS, and different psychological conditions such as anxiety and depression. So, BCP is thought to do the same.

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Could it Be a Future Medication of Anxiety and Depression?

All the research concerning cannabis is in its early stages. So does for BCP. It displays some pretty good promising results when it comes to its medicinal value. Here are some of the anecdotal and preclinical trials that confirm its effects as an anxiolytic or anti-depressant medication. 

A study published in Neuropsychopharmacology mentioned that BCP was able to target CB2 receptors and was critically involved in managing or altering inflammatory or neuropathic pain responses. Other than that, the study showed BCP was able to provide a long-lasting effect for debilitating conditions. 

One more study found its potential as a medication for anxiety and depression. Some scientists are proposing it as a compound to replace benzodiazepines or SSRIs. As it is indeed producing anti-anxiety and anti-depressive effects. 420 doctors suggest that one can regulate their emotional behaviors if they go for BCP-rich cannabis strains. These studies confirmed the role of BCP as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic agent along with a compound that protects the lining of the digestive tract. 

What Are The Cannabis Strains Rich in Beta-caryophyllene?

There are many medical marijuana strains rich in BCP that you can explore as an anti-anxiety or depression medication. Here are some of the strains suggested by 420 doctors.

Royal Cookies 

It is a THC dominant strain with high levels of BCP to help you feel energetic and happy at the same time. You can grow it indoors with a medical card recommended by 420 doctors in  San Francisco

OG Kush 

It is an Indica strain that provides relaxation with piney or fruity aromatic experience. You will feel blissful using this strain. A puff, and you will get away from your worries entirely. 

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Bottom Line

No one can deny the fact that medical marijuana is a wonder plant. Thousands of anecdotal case studies prove their medical competence. However, one needs to have some confirmation using clinical trials that can help advertise this product as a medical aid. 420 doctors need to have updates with whatever happening in the world of cannabis. For instance, BCP is coming out as a possible medication for anxiety or depression. Who knows exploring such strains might help to reduce some of the mental health issues?

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