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Why are people opposing the legalization of marijuana in the USA?

As legal marijuana is making its way into the streets of most of the cities in the USA, and people are even getting medical marijuana recommendation San Francisco there are people who still think it’s a bad idea.

But why? Most of us are asking this question to ourselves, so we decided to make a point and decided to listen to their side of the story too.

Hence, this blog, so here are a few arguments people who are opposing marijuana legalization give in their cause’s favour.

It’s a Drug

Most of the people who are against the legalization of marijuana consider it as a drug.

Marry haters believe that there are already too many things the US is addictive to which are legal; they won’t need any addition.

The crack-wave of the mid-1990s when the United States of America felt a sharp jolt by dope fiends everywhere on the streets, must be the reason behind people being so afraid.

It is bad for Brain

Recent surveys show that marijuana opposers themselves have once or twice tried the cannabis themselves.

So, people who didn’t have a better experience using weed, now preaches that the hash is actually wrong for people too. Maybe they illegal marijuana?

Illegal or legal marijuana is selling in all kinds of qualities, which makes medical marijuana grower license San Francisco more impotent than ever.

However, this is actually not a very strong argument, as marijuana is, as our homeboy; Tom Hanks said in his movie Forest Gump, a box of chocolates, you never know what you are getting.

Some users handle their marijuana better than others, cannot blame the grass for it.


As per a study, 21 percent of the teens admitted using or at least trying weed once, which worries parents more than ever.

Most people who once used marijuana and had a bad experience, do not want their kids to use or even try it earlier also.

Populace believes that marijuana is an addictive drug which makes people (what marry users themselves accept) “stoners”; hence, no parent would want their kids to try illegal marijuana.

It Stones One’s Mind

The prominent and foremost argument that people table for not legalizing medical marijuana is that it stones one out of their mind.

This one side-effect has been proven scapegoat for hash opposers from centuries which has been turned around by now.

The same numbing feeling that people were criticizing has now starting to be seen as a cure for depression. t


You must have noticed by now that people who are against marijuana are not against the medical usage of marijuana but the whole illegal plant.

Many famous marijuana haters, such as his highness Dalai Lama, are also not against the use of hash in the field of medicine.

Just like Lama, most of the opposers won’t believe that weed for medical uses must not be exercised; they just do not want it selling only on the streets.


People will say what they believe, and they are entitled to their beliefs. Still, as science is developing it is sure changing the world and the people living in it.

Persons who are against medical marijuana are not totally wrong, per se. They are just not ready for the change which they will be soon.

Meanwhile, may I interest you in a medical marijuana recommendation San Francisco?

Why people are opposing legalization of marijuana in the USA?
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Why people are opposing legalization of marijuana in the USA?
As legal marijuana is making its way into the streets of most of the cities in the USA, there are people who still think it's bad. But why? Read in the blog.
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