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Enjoy A Healthy Weekend Using Cannabis Leaves With 420 Evaluations San Francisco

420 evaluations in San Francisco can be a life savior for many.

Especially when medical cannabis offers such a long list of therapeutic benefits.

But, have you given a thought to one thing?

“Green is healthy.”

Well, most of the times the color is for sure.

Although, most of us avoid the health part usually.

And, the same formula of avoiding the healthy part goes for medical cannabis too.

People often look at buds, hash, edibles, sublingual. But, often forget one of the important ingredients that can be actually beneficial in improving your health.

And, that one ingredient is- Cannabis leaves.

Yes, leaves, that you often throw away like they have nothing to do with nutrition.

Unlike what most of you think, cannabis leaves have a lot of health benefits. But, they are bitter, so need a creative touch and knowledge of turning them into a perfect culinary.  

You must know how to pair them with other ingredients to get the best product at last.

But, before that let’s learn about the types of leaves that you can use for a great experience other than getting high.

Types of Leaves


  • Fan Leaf


These are broad cannabis leaves that take most of the light and are one of the most important parts of the cannabis plant.

Indica strains have dark green colored leaves with wider fingers, while sativa has lighter shade as compared to the former one.

Cultivators trim these leaves during the cultivation time. But they are full of phytonutrients that help to support wellness and health.

And if you are growing medical marijuana yourself using a medical marijuana grower license San Francisco, then you always have the chance to collect leaves while trimming them off from the buds.

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  • Sugar Leaf


These are the type that grows close to the cannabis flowers or buds. Cannabis growers trim these leaves usually after the harvesting time, either before or after the drying and curing process.

White delicious trichomes spread these leaves completely as if someone has sprayed sugar.

It contains more cannabinoids than the other one. So, you can have them using 420 evaluations in San Francisco easily.

You can add them in delicacies, innovate new dishes. And do a lot of things which suit your taste.

Now that we are familiar with the types of leaves, let’s move ahead and learn about the dishes that you can try out the upcoming weekend (you can try on weekdays too).



  • Raw Cannabis Leaves Juice


Medical cannabis is healthy and contains a lot of nutrients such as proteins, fatty acids, fiber, terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids.

Juice made out of both the leaves will up your health game any day. You can make it easily at home using any type of blender. You can also blend the juice with your favorite fruits and vegetables.

It will add some flavors while keeping the health part intact.

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  • Leaf Butter


You can use sugar leaves to make a cannabinoid-infused butter that has lower euphoria effects.

To do that, you need to first heat the butter and leave it on low heat. This will help to decarboxylate your cannabinoids and enhance the absorption.

You can use the same technique with different types of oils such as olive, coconut.

You can use this butter in any dish you can think of. Be it a brownie, or baked potatoes, or a steak at dinner. You can use leaves of a range of strains using 420 evaluations in San Francisco.

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  • Cannabis Tea


You can dry your cannabis leaves and use them in making tea. Double your boosting abilities.

You can add in other herbs or ingredients to improve the flavor of the tea. Add milk to the tea for improving the effects of cannabinoids.

You can use coconut oil infused butter in the tea to make cannabinoids more accessible.

Other than these, you can use cannabis leaves as compost as well. Especially, if you growing cannabis as a medicine with a medical marijuana grower license San Francisco.

It’s like you can put even the last bit of cannabis to your use. So, start using cannabis leaves for your health and wellness care right away with 420 evaluations in San Francisco.

Enjoy A Healthy Weekend Using Cannabis Leaves With 420 Evaluations San Francisco
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Enjoy A Healthy Weekend Using Cannabis Leaves With 420 Evaluations San Francisco
420 evaluations in San Francisco helps to get access to a range of cannabis products. But, what if cannabis leaves can be healthy too. Wondering how?
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