8 Tips To Keep Your Cannabis Tolerance Under Control

It is very easy to get an MMJ recommendation letter in San Francisco. You don’t even have to wait. Just 10 minutes and you’ll receive your recommendation. So access to medical marijuana is very easy nowadays, thanks to telemedicine. But while the cannabis industry is building bridges between medical cannabis and the patient community, it is your responsibility to have the basic knowledge about cannabis before putting the medical card to use. Contributing to the cause, I’m going to give you some important tips related to cannabis tolerance. 

Let’s begin with what cannabis tolerance is.

If you have been using cannabis for some time, you must have noticed that you have become more comfortable with the psychoactive effects and maybe your dose has also increased. That’s the working of building tolerance in your body. 

Basically, your body responds to cannabis by adapting to the changes caused by it. Your body does this by desensitizing the CB receptors or internalizing them (removing them from the surface). So it endures the effects which is why you probably need a higher dose or a stronger strain to feel any effects. Cannabis tolerance is not always a bad thing. But when it does become an obstacle to get the best experience, I have some tips that can help you manage it effectively. 

Control your intake with planned sessions

The more you use cannabis, the faster your tolerance will develop. That’s how the body works. So lower your indulgence and your tolerance will develop at a lower rate. One of the best ways to do this is by planning your sessions. 

Don’t just follow your whims or desire. Instead set a time for cannabis just like any other medications. It’s a good way to start using cannabis without any intolerable effects. And also for people who are always high and wish to control their indulgence, this is a very effective tip. It will not only set your body’s routine but also keep a check on your daily THC intake. 

Try lowering your dose

Cannabis tolerance is the result of your THC intake and the frequency of these intakes. While you can always try to manage your sessions, it will only do you good if you can lower your dose as well. 

Now it is a lot to ask from an experienced cannabis consumer. You cannot just stop in the middle of a lit joint. But if you feel that your tolerance is ruining your overall experience, you will have to try lowering your dose. Don’t smoke half a joint but crush half. Similarly, use an edible of lower potency. 

For beginners, microdosing is the way to go. It means that you start small and move forward slowly. Because it’s always safer to have a lower dose than be very high with an overdose. This way your tolerance level will also maintain a slower rate. 

Rotate between different strains 

Shifting frequently between strains is a good way to keep a check on your tolerance. The reasoning here is that strains have different chemical profiles. Some are high in THC while others may have a high CBD ratio. They also differ in other components like terpenes, flavonoids and fatty acids. The presence or absence and different ratios of these components is a good way to keep the body guessing. This prevents the body from adjusting and building tolerance. 

Your body will not adjust to one chemical profile, one component or one level of THC. So when you go looking for the strain that suits you best, keep two or three more choices that work best for you. 

Shift your delivery methods

Just like shifting between strains works by keeping the body from adjusting, using different delivery methods also avoids the body from settling. There are dozens of different delivery methods for consuming cannabis. Each of them involves different body processes to deliver effects. For instance, smoking involves the respiratory system while edibles involve the digestive system. 

By shifting from one method to another (if your condition allows), your tolerance build-up will slow down. And in some cases, the shift may also help you have stronger and longer effects with a lower dose. For example, edibles give you longer and stronger high than smoking. 


THC is known to be the main reason behind cannabis tolerance. So how about you replace THC with something else? Like CBD?

CBD delivers almost the same medicinal properties as THC but without any euphoric feeling. And also without building tolerance. According to some studies, CBD is known to develop reverse tolerance instead. This means that it increases the receptor activity and with the time you will need smaller doses of CBD to feel the effects. 

So when dealing with cannabis tolerance, move over to CBD products or high CBD strains until you feel that your tolerance has lowered enough to continue with your normal THC doses. 

Combine cannabis with exercise

Exercise is known to provide similar effects as cannabis on the body. When you engage in vigorous physical activity, your body secretes endocannabinoids. They act on the endocannabinoid system and deliver the same effects as the cannabinoids found in cannabis. This is why you feel refreshed, energetic and happy after a good workout session. It’s also commonly known as a ‘runner’s high’. 

So when you combine the two activities, you get a better experience. Have a session before or after a workout. Exercise will enhance the effects of cannabis and give you a better high even on a lower dose. 

Trick your brain with smaller sizes

Many people manage their tolerance by tricking their brains. You may have heard about the psychology of eating in small plates to aid weight loss. A similar trick can be applied to cannabis. Make smaller joints and smaller portions of edibles. This way you will be able to check on your intake and dose. 

If nothing works, take a tolerance break

The last resort to tolerance build-up is a tolerance break or total abstinence from cannabis. It is a foolproof way of detoxing the body of excess THC and lowering the tolerance. But you must have a lot of determination and perseverance to complete it successfully. Here are a few tips that can help you.

  • Be clear of the reason why you need a break.
  • Remove all temptation from your vicinity by getting rid of the stash and accessories. 
  • Take on a healthy lifestyle and diet.
  • Keep yourself distracted especially during the time you usually consume cannabis. 

So make use of these tips to manage your tolerance and continue with your sessions successfully.

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