6 Perfect Etsy Holiday Gifts For Your Cannafriends


It’s back again, guys- The Holidays Season!!! The time of joy and happiness. The friends and family time. And the time we were waiting for, desperately, especially this year. The year has certainly been difficult. But now, it’s time to say goodbye to it.

Well, the holiday season is also the season of gifts. With that said, there still is some hardship left to 2020. I mean, I don’t know about you, but for me, finding a perfect gift for my loved ones is quite daunting. And while I may be able to find usual gifts, it’s a task even more intimidating when it comes to finding something cannabis’y.

Well, not this year. This time, I planned it in advance and found some amazing gifts on etsy for my cannafriends for this holiday season.

Want some ideas for yourself? I’ve shared the list below.

The Best Budz Box- BestBudzBox

This holiday season, you may gift your stoner bud a cannabis mystery. The best budz box is a perfect gift for any cannabis lover out there. It contains 5 to 8 mysterious items. The contents may range from rolling supplies to cannabis accessories, cleaning supplies, and many other fun things.

The Best Budz Box comes with different themes including:

  • OG Bud Box- Gender neutral
  • The Lady Budz Box: for your lady buds
  • The Green Budz: Completely eco-friendly

Pick up whichever you like and surprise your canna friend.

Key Chain With Real Dried Cannabis Leaf- byRima

This rectangular keychain made in Amsterdam makes a perfect gift choice for people who don’t only love consuming cannabis but also are true cannabis enthusiasts. The keychain carries a real dried marijuana leaf preserved in clear resin. Also, the chain is chrome plated, making it long-lasting.

Well, I think, if you are buying a gift for a serious stoner, you can’t find something better than this. This is something that will remind them of their passion for the herb.

Electric Weed Herb Grinder- MambaGrinders

If you are looking for something practical for your stoner friend, you may get them a good electric weed herb grinder. And while there are many options out there for it, I’d suggest you go for the one from MambaGrinders. This particular grinder is very convenient to use and is very quick compared to other options. The design is also very sleek. Plus, the company offers 2 years guarantee against manufacturing defects. This is one gift that perhaps every cannabis user will like.

First Aid Joint Kit- Cannakits

Hey, this is not a usual first aid kit, as it doesn’t contain any bandages or antiseptics. Instead, this is to mend the pain of a marijuana user. The Cannakits First Aid Joint Kit includes everything a stoner might require in times of need. From rolling paper to lighter, perforated tips, and miniature ashtray- this first aid kit has everything you may need to roll your joint. And another great thing about it is that it is very compact.

The contents and features of this amazing first-aid joint kit surely make it a great gift for your favorite stoner.

It’s 420 Somewhere Light up Bottle- FreeRangeCrafting

Want something aesthetic for your marijuana friend? You may get them this amazing and beautiful light-up bottle. This up-cycled liquor bottle that says “It’s 420 Somewhere” is definitely gonna inspire your bud to take their canna passion to the next level. Also, you may personalize it with a name for no extra cost!

Hey, the stocks of this item are limited and the time is less. So, order fast.

Lockable Smell Proof Case- HushLifestyle

If your cannabud is a family person and is using the herb on the recommendation of a cannabis doctor, this nice marijuana storage case would be a great gift choice for them. This case by HushLifestyle comes with some great features. First of all, it is very compact and stylish. Secondly, it’s lockable (great for people with kids or animals in the house). And finally, it’s smell-proof. What else would a cannabis connoisseur want?

These were some of the gifts you may pick up from Etsy for your cannabis enthusiast friend. I hope you liked the collection. If you too have some ideas, do tell me. I’d love to add more things to my list.

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